Woman Recieves Prison Letter From Subway’s Ex-Posterboy Jared Fogel

Jared is a creep. A straight up creep. As I’m sure you’ve heard, he was sent to prison for having sex with minors and obtaining child pornography. Out of all the things to say he mentions, in a newly written letter, that he’s being treated unfairly by the media… Really?!?

Major Karma! Jared Fogle Is Gaining Back All His Pre-Subway Weight In Prison

What goes around comes back around…in inches if you’re Jared Fogle. Before he was infamous for fantasizing about child pornography, he was famous for shedding 200 pounds from his size 60 pants by eating Subway sandwhiches – must to the launch of his and Subway’s careers. Since, he’s been sentenced to 15 years in prison and is 3 months in. A close source reveals how much weight Jared’s already actually gained back, his eating habits, and how he gets treated in jail. Hit the jump.

(Audio) Wow..Jared Fogle’s Secret Audio Tapes Revealed

Jared Fogle, the ex-spokesman for Subway is being hit left and right with very hasty allegations of paying minors for sex and child pornography. The FBI has recently released the secret tapes of Fogle speaking about his dirty fantasy’s with little kids. Its actually pretty disturbing.

(Photos) Jared Fogle Wanted To Watch Alleged Informant’s Kids!

This story surrounding Jared, the ex-subway representative, just keeps getting crazier. A new report says that the FBI was monitoring Jared for sometime and he apparently asked an informant if he could watch her kids on video!

(Video) “Congrats Jared” Subway Super Bowl Commercial

Damn, I didn’t even realize it has been 15 years of “Jared” commercials with Subway. Doctor’s told him he needed to lose weight or he would die. So he just kept eating fresh sandwiches and it has all worked out lol. Check the Subway ad after the jump.

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