Dj Mustard Claps Back At Followers For Joking On His Weight!!

Clap Back season seems to be in FULL effect since people on social media have no CHILL. Dj Mustard was the next celeb to go off on IG followers for getting on him about his weight. The famous producer just laughed it off saying he lost 15 pounds and the haters need to get a life! I agree, let that man be great! Photo of his response in the gallery…

Bill Cosby Jokes About His Sexual Assault Allegations During Stand-Up Routine In Canada!

Bill Cosby joked about his sexual assault allegations during his stand-up routine in Canada. The comedian has been under fire recently for sexually assaulting numerous women over the years. During his stand-up he shed light on the situation by poking fun at the allegations with the crowd. Find out what he said and read more on the story below!

(Video) Conan And Seth Meyers Indulge In Bill Cosby Jokes

Did Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers take the Bill Cosby jokes too far? This incident has been the butt of all comedy in reference to memes that have went viral on social media. Knowing that rape is a serious matter, some may think that the duo Conan O’Brien and Seth Meyers crossed the line; however, Late Night TV does not believe in boundaries, therefore it was only a matter of time before the jokes began. In their defense, the two did acknowledge the fact that this was a “delicate issue,” and made sure they kept the witticisms to a minimum. I am sure that a slew of jokes will make its way to the other late night TV shows now that Conan and Seth made light of it. Cosby continues to live a normal life, for he has yet to make a statement based on all of the accusations he has been facing as of lately. According to reports, NBC has pulled the plug on the Bill Cosby series that was in the works. TV Land also ceased all reruns of the ‘Cosby Show’ due to his recent headlines in the news. Watch the video below as Conan and Seth Meyers indulge in Bill Cosby jokes. Comments regarding this video range from “It’s not that serious,” to “Joking about rape is disrespectful.”

(Photo) NBA: LMAO!! Shaq Wants To “Break The Internet” Kim K Style By Trolling Charles Barkley

Shaq and Charles Barkley have to be two of the most entertaining and funny guys in the sports world. They are way too funny together on the “NBA on TNT” and it seems the jokes between them never stop. At the moment though Shaq is winning big over the Chuckster after posting this hilarious meme of Charles with Kim Kardashian’s body. The pic may not break the internet how Shaq wanted but as far as funny it definitely holds up. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Pinky The Porn Star Gets Joked On For Being Overweight After Club Appearance!!

Once again, social media has no chill button! Pinky the porn star experienced that first hand after she showed up to Club Onyx in Philly showing off her new and shocking figure. Her fans known her to have that coke bottle shape and now it seems as if she let herself go when she hit the stage with nothing on. After videos and numerous amounts of pictures surfaced online, memes were then created to tease the star about her weight gain. Pinky let the haters have their fun and then she responded, “I been a hot topic for years…Nothing is new and at the end of the day, I’m still getting paid.” Check out the meme’s and Twitter responses in the gallery…

(Photos) CTFU! 50 Cent And Snoop Dogg Crack Jokes On Wiz Khalifa’s Purple Hair!!

Snoop Dogg is very close with Wiz Khalifa, but he sure did crack a few jokes on his friend’s new hair color! Snoop reposted a photo on the Gram which was a dog with a purple knit cap on his head, Wiz was on the other side of the picture. “Swank u wrong for this! hahahahaha!”, was the caption and 50 Cent had to join in on the joke and it is hilarious! Check out the pics in the gallery…

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