(Photo) NBA: J.R. Smith Signed A Pipe For A Fan Because It’s J.R. Smith

“You trying to get the pipe”? Those are the infamous words of J.R. Smith, courtesy of him sending a DM to a female fan on Instagram while he was with the Knicks. The phrase will likely never stop being associated with him and by now its second nature to think about it anytime his name comes up. One Cavaliers fan decided to take it to another level yesterday, while J.R. was holding an autograph session in Cleveland.

(Video) NBA: Tears Flow as JR Smith Delivers Emotional Speech After Championship Win

The tears were flowing heavily last night after Game 7 of the NBA Finals.  Aside from LeBron James bringing a championship to his hometown as promised, people were also extremely happy for J.R. Smith.  Things have been turbulent in Smith’s career with people considering him a screwup, party boy and inconsistent player.  All that was momentarily erased from everyone’s mind as Smith delivered an emotional postgame speech dedicated to his parents and especially his dad on a very special Father’s Day.

(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith’s Daughter Is Proud Of Her Dad For Not Getting Kicked Off The Cavs

With all the hoopla that occurred during and after the game last night, it was easy to forget one of the best parts of the night actually happened before the game. J.R. Smith’s daughter, Demi, who came onto the court with Jamie Foxx, was being interviewed by ESPN’s Lindsay Czarniak live on air when she was asked “what is it like for you to get ready to see your dad play in this game”. Her answer was maybe the best thing ever.

(Video) NBA: Cavs Pull Through In Game 5 AKA The Kyrie Irving Show

I guess Cleveland isn’t quite ready to go home yet. They pulled off 112 points last night against Golden State’s 97. Check out some highlights…SPECIFICALLY of Kyrie Irving. And no, Draymond didn’t bite LeBron’s ear off yet (mostly cause he didn’t play).

NBA: J.R. Smith Would’ve Voted For Lebron Or Russell Westbrook For MVP Before Steph Curry

The debate about who is the best player in the world will always go on. Fans are going to root for their favorite players no matter what, which can sometimes make them delusional about which players are really the best. Steph Curry has been on a serious tear the past couple seasons and because of that most people now like to say he is the best player in the world. There are still holdouts (such as myself) that continue to think Lebron is still the best all around player. Steph was the first player in history to be named unanimous MVP this season but Bron’s teammate, JR Smith, didn’t think the voters got it right. In fact, he wouldn’t even have Steph second.

(Video) NBA: JR Smith Speaks On Playing With Lebron James And Melo

During a ‘Ride Along’ session, JR Smith got a chance to speak on having tattoos, playing in China and also playing with Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony.

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