She’ll Be The Judge Of That: Iggy Azalea Joins X-Factor Australia

Iggy is going back to her roots and joining the judges of X-Factor: Australia.The fancy rapper announced her latest gig on Good Morning America, after she laid down some rhymes. Is this an attempt to get her name back into the press for an album or what?

New Details Revealed In The American Idol Lineup: Randy Jackson’s Back … Kind Of!

American Idol begins filming today, and despite leaving the judges panel, Randy Jackson will be back…just not in the same fashion. Instead, he will replace Jimmy Iovine as a mentor to the contestants. “Surprise, surprise!” Randy said in a statement. “I am so happy to be back as part of this amazing show that started it all.”

Justin Bieber’s Manager Says “No Way” To American Idol

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun is currently being sought out by both Jennifer Lopez and AI producers to fill the third judge’s chair on American Idol, but he has zero interest in the role. “The only reason to do it at this point is vanity and he doesn’t do things for vanity,” a source close to Scooter said. “Without the right to manage the acts, it makes no business sense for him and ultimately he’s a business guy.” He thinks they should stick with their original plan of getting producer Dr. Luke.

Damn, Diddy Turned Down American Idol Because Of What?

Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban currently fill 2 out of 3 judges slots for the upcoming season of American Idol, and producers have been hard pressed to fill number 3. Names like Kanye West, and Diddy were all thrown into the mix, but none of the guys appeared to be interested. The former felt that it would hurt his street cred, while the latter has a totally different reason: the fact his ex would be on the panel with him! According to a source, Diddy “felt it was a ‘her or me’ situation” in his negotiations with the show. For now, Puff denies the claim, but there could be some truth to it! I wouldn’t want to sit on a panel every night with my ex either!

Guess Which Artist Will Become The Next ‘American Idol’ Judge?!

Since American Idol dropped in ratings due to the Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj drama, FOX has cleaned house and is trying to get some personalities that are outrageous enough to entertain but without the silly beef. This artist has been around the block, and he’s definitely talented enough to judge some young talent. Find out who it is after the jump.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time! Nicki Minaj Announces Departure From American Idol!

Just moments after Mariah Carey announced she would not be returning for a second season of American Idol, Nicki Minaj has announced she too is leaving, and will be focusing on her music. When stopping by Hot 97 earlier this week, the YMCMB raptress revealed she’s gearing up to work on album number 3, and it will be completely hip-hop, much like her mixtape days. Can’t wait to hear her new stuff!

(Photos) WHO Are The New Judges Of ‘X Factor’?

After LA Reid and Britney Spears leave X Factor after this season, it will be big shoes to fill. Two new judges have supposedly been chosen for the show and are in final contract negotiations. Check out your new judges in the gallery.

‘American Idol’ Not Renewing ANY Contracts?!?

It really is the end of an era; FOX has decided to start fresh and not renew any contracts for judges. The energy just wasn’t right with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban. Besides the constant drama between Nicki and Mariah, people were not feeling Keith Urban. And Randy Jackson will be Randy Jackson, which is what he was for too many season. Nigel Lythgoe says he has a Dream Team team in mind. Guess who’s on his list? Find out after the jump.

Randy Jackson Announces He’s Leaving American Idol

Whoa! Seems like the rumors are going to turn out to be true! Reports have been surfacing that American Idol plans to replace the ENTIRE cast of judges next season, including AI vet, Randy Jackson. Moments ago, the dawg announced he will not be returning…so it seems like it’s just a matter of time before Mariah, Nicki and Keith do the same! Check out his statement on his departure below. This will definitely change the show dramatically!

Some Big Names Are Being Thrown Around For Potential New American Idol Judges!

With American Idol ratings at their lowest since the show began in 2002, producers are looking to vamp things up in a major way…and the first place they’re going to start is with the judges. A source close to the show says that NONE of the current judges may be returning (that’s Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and AI vet Randy Jackson), and that they may be replaced by an even more star-studded team. Find out who’s being considered below!

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