Justin Beiber Allegedly Headbutted A Man At A Pre-Grammys Bash

It has been reported that Justin Beiber has allegedly headbutted a guy at a pre-grammy’s bash. Authorities are now looking into the incident as a “possible crime.”

Man Gets Young Girls To Send Him Nudes By Claiming To Be Justin Beiber

A man has recently been taken into custody for trolling young girls into sending him naked photos by telling them he was Justin Beiber. Back in 2014, Bryan Asrary, found a young girl who was checking out Justin Beiber’s Instagram page. Asrary sent the girl a message saying he knew Beiber and could get her to meet him through text.

Justin Beiber Indicted For Beating A Photographer In Argentina

Justin Beiber has just been indicted for giving the hands to a photographer in Argentina and then stealing his money and his gear. Beiber is truly a G! As of now, Beiber can not go to Argentina or he will be arrested.

(Video) Justin Beiber Compares Being On Instagram To Being In Hell

Justin Beiber has been taking a huge break from social media. During his show in London, he asked his fans if they wanted him to return to social media. Of course the fans were all for it but Beiber gave his reasoning as to why he hates it.

(Video) Justin Beiber Punches A Man In The Face In Barcelona For Running Up To His Car

Justin Beiber is super gangster but we knew that. Justin has never really been one to play around. We’ve seen plenty of feistiness come from his way. In a video, we see a man running up to Beiber’s car. In return he gets nothing but a sucker punch and a busted lip.

(Video) Justin Beiber Has A Huge Booger Blast During His Performance

Justin Beiber had a huge slip during his performance. While performing, Beiber sneezed letting out a huge pile of snot. Pretty embarrassing if you ask me.

Sean Paul Says Drake And Justin Beiber Do Not Understand Dancehall

Sean Paul is not here for people such as Drake and Justin Beiber trying to get into the whole dancehall feel with their music. In a recent interview, Paul says they truly do not even understand it.

Justin Beiber Refused Sex Scene With Another Man For Upcoming Movie

It has been reported that Justin Beiber turned down a sex scene with another man for an upcoming movie. The movie is called ‘Uber Girl.’ Beiber was suppose to play a pop star in the movie.

(Photo) Toronto Asks Justin Beiber To Stop Taking Pictures With Lions

Justin Beiber has received many warning’s by the city of Toronto to stop taking photos with Lions while in their city.

(Video) Justin Beiber Slips On Stage During Water Performance

Someone call Beyonce because it looks like Justin Beiber needs a little bit of help on the water performances. While on stage, Justin Beiber slipped and fell trying to perform in water. We noticed this has been a theme Beyonce has been doing for a while. Clearly, we may have to let her stick to this.

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