Paris Jackson Released From UCLA Medical Center, Heads To Residential Facility

Paris Jackson is finally leaving UCLA to get the proper help she needs. After a failed suicide attempt, Paris was admitted to UCLA were she was being treated but was not getting the proper attention she needed and was rejected by other facilities. A month after her attempt, Paris is headed to a residential treatment center for an unknown amount of time. Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe, Paris’ mother, decided on the facility together and believe the teenager needs more help. Hopefully Paris gets the help she desperately needs.

Paris Jackson’s Mother, Debbie Rowe, Will Not Seek Guardianship…Yet

Paris Jackson, to the dismay her brother, has recently connected with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe. Rowe was paid what I’m sure was A LOT of money to turn over her parental rights to Michael Jackson. Now that Paris is going through some serious issues that lead to her suicide attempt, many people wondered if Debbie Rowe would seek guardianship. Paris and Debbie’s relationship has become so strong that she had even began to call her “mom” and they have taken Mother-Daughter roles but everyone except Janet is trying to keep them apart. Find out why Debbie won’t see guardianship yet below.

More Details On What Might Have Drove Paris Jackson To Attempt Suicide

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, was rushed to the hospital a few days ago after a suicide attempt. The 15-year-old left a note after cutting her arm with a meat clever and attempting to overdose on Motrin. According to people close the the family, this is not the first time Paris has threatened to kill herself, but this was the first serious attempt. The day of her suicide attempt, sources said that Jackson tried to take her life because she was not allowed to attend a Marylin Manson concert but it’s clear since she has a history of suicidal thoughts. So what exactly is going on in her life that is so terrible that she wants to end it? Read more below.

Michael Jackson’s Former Stage Manager Said The Singer Needed A Shrink & Trainer Before His Death

In her attempt to sue AEG Live, Katherine Jackson has obtained an email from Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” stage manager to AEG exec Randy Phillips. In the email, John Hougdahl wrote that Micheal was not in the proper physical or mental condition to perform at his forthcoming concert series. Hougdal suggested a trainer and a “shrink” for Michael was needed just days before his death. Katherine Jackson is suing AEG Live, who arranged the concert series claiming that they knew Michael’s health was on a decline and because they hired Conrad Murray. Read more below.

Michael Jackson’s Kids, Mother Sue For $40 Billion

Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket along with their grandmother Katherine are suing AEG Live for the hiring and failed supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray. The Jacksons seek $10 Billion for potential future earnings, and $50 Million for various other reasons however AEG Live feels the $40 Billion is a gross overestimate citing a hitch in Jackson’s career after child molestation accusations and a time when Jackson exiled himself to the middle east. I’m not that keen on numbers but whoever crunched the $40 Billion estimate must have definitely wrote something in for themselves, I mean that’s $10 Billion per child with $10 Billion remaining for Katherine! I wonder who will prevail in the courtroom.

Katherine Jackson Needs Help From The Doc That Killed Michael

In order to go through with a wrongful death lawsuit in the death of her son, Katherine Jackson, needs the help from the same person who brought on  Michael’s death. Katherine has subpoenaed Dr. Conrad Murray for his statement about how AEG hired him and how they failed supervising him. Conrad is refusing to work with Katherine and she cannot exactly go ahead with suing the former doctor since he has nothing to his name anymore. A judge will have to have the final call in the fight against if he will or won’t testify for Katherine. Read more below. Julie A.

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