Katy Perry To Debut A New Makeup Line

Earlier this week, Rihanna revealed the launching of her own cosmetics. Now she has company, with fellow singer and friend Katy Perry joining her with a new make up line set to launch in July.

Katy Perry Makes Burn Victim’s Holiday Extra Special By Sending Her A Dope Package!

Being that Katy Perry has been named one of the richest females in the music industry, it is only right she keeps doing good deeds for those less fortunate. A little girl by the name of Safyre Terry recently lost many family members in a horrible fire, which left her severely burned and caused her to lose a hand and a foot. Celebrities like Beyonce, President Obama and many more have reached out to the young girl to comfort her during this extremely difficult time.

No Way! You’ll Never Guess Who The Highest Paid Woman In The Music Industry Is

When we think of females in the music industry that could possibly be in competition for the highest paid spots, we think of people like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. However, someone else is in the #1 spot and you will never guess who!

Nicki Minaj Mobile Game Won’t Be Out Until 2016

I normally don’t zone in on a game/any app until it gets released and I’ve had some time with it, but the excitement from the announcement of a possible new Nicki Minaj Mobile Game has grown in just a couple hours that it’s worth sharing a POV!

No Way! Guess Which Pop Star Ranked Higher On Forbes List Than Beyonce?!

Beyonce, to basically everyone in the world, seems to be at the top of the music industry totem pole. Whether it be for talent or financial earnings, one would assume Bey would take the cake due to the fact she has excelled in both the acting, singing and business side of things. However according to the Forbes list for the highest paid women, Queen Bey was out-shined by none other than Katy Perry. According to Forbes, 60% of Katy’s major financial earnings came from overseas. She also has a bunch of huge endorsements with Adidas, ProActiv and CoverGirl.

Iggy Azalea’s THIRSTY Ex Hefe Wine Is Now Trying To Bring J. Lo + More In Their Lawsuit

Just when you thought this went away since we hadn’t heard anything about it in a while – BOOM! Iggy Azalea’s thirsty, money-hungry, fame-whoring ex Hefe Wine is back with something even more ridiculous in their ongoing court battle. The pair have been battling it out in court for nearly a year now, as Hefe has been shopping around a sex tape of himself and Iggy from their relationship years back, as well as making plans to release music that Iggy recorded during their time together. Iggy has since filed a lawsuit to stop him in his tracks, and though it’s working for the most part, dude just keeps trying to find new ways to get some money he doesn’t deserve. And meet other celebrities, apparently. In the latest update, Hefe has submitted a list of artists that he plans to subpoena on his behalf, as he feels they are “likely to have discoverable information” for his defense. My man – neither Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Charli XCX, Katy Perry NOR T.I. know you, care for you, can help you or will help you. If he doesn’t get entirely the f*ck out of here!

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