(Check The Pics!!) DAMN! Kim Kardashian’s Little Sis Is Growing Up!! Her Legs Are Amazing!!

It’s hard to believe that Kim K’s little sister is only 17! Check out Kendall Jenner in the latest shoot with Miss Vogue! Biz Baby

Kendall Jenner Shot Down By ‘X Factor’ Boy Band

You never say no to the Kardashian. Well ‘X Factor’ finalists Emblem3 did, when Kris Jenner recently tried to hire them for a job. Why did they turn down Mrs.Jenner? Find out after the jump Quay

(Photo) New Couple Alert?! Jaden Smith And Kendall Jenner (Kardashian) Caught Holding Hands!!

Owww!! Looks like Jaden Smith and a Kendall Jenner are little love birds! They were caught holding hands at her 17th birthday party! So precious! Click below to see the photo. Melissa

(Photo) Is The Kardashian Lifestyle Affecting Kendall Jenner? Alarming Photo Displays Extreme Weight Loss

I commend Kendall Jenner for keeping up her fit figure, but in hopes that it’s not affecting her health! Jenner’s photos are released for pre/post modeling shoots, and she’s seemed to have lost a lot of weight. But is it the pressure of being in the Kardashian family the reason why she’s doing this? Well, here’s the photos of the beautiful girl in the jump.. check her out! Biz Baby

Police Visit Kardashian Home After Prank Call Claiming Abuses Involving Kendall And Kylie Jenner

Really!? This is what we’re doing out here? Calling social services and local police to report abuse of Kendall and Kyle Jenner. I know the authorities have to investigate but a claim like this just seems ridiculous. Either way the pranksters mission was complete because this made national headlines. Click below to find out more. WiL Major

(Photo) Kendall Jenner Guest Spot On Hawaii Five-0

Kim Kardashian’s baby sister, Kendall Jenner, makes her acting debut on Hawaii Five-O playing the role of a clerk! Check your local listings for Kendall’s episode, “I Ka Wa Mamua,” airing Nov. 5. For now click below for a picture and more info. Eloisa Melo

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