(Warning: Graphic Video) Terrorists Enter Kenya Mall & Casually Shoot Shoppers, Chat On Their Cells & Pray

This is so sad. The shocking footage of last month’s Westgate Mall attacks in Kenya has been released, and it gives some insight into the horror and panic the shoppers faced because of the 4 attackers. More than 60 people died, and the number may rise as officials fear additional, unidentified bodies remain buried under rubble from the mall’s partial collapse. Terror group Al Shabab, an Al Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was retribution for Kenya’s deployment of troops into Somalia. Watch the graphic video below.

(Photos) How Does A Regular Girl Turn Into The Terrorist Plotting White Widow??

When Samantha Lewthwaite masterminded the attack in Westgate Mall in Kenya last week, hundreds of innocent people fell victim and she became internationally known as the ‘White Widow’. As a mother and wife, how could this woman plot an attack that would kill innocent women and children? Her husband, Jamal Lewthwaite, was one of the 7/7 suicide bombers on a London subway and exposed Samantha to his extremist Islamic beliefs. On the day of his death, the grieving wife acted as if she had no knowledge nor did she support his actions, which killed 52 commuters. So what possessed her to finish her husband’s work? After being placed in protective custody, Lewthwaite went on to marry another Muslim extremist named Habib Saleh Ghani. In 2009, she had her third child and that is when UK authorities believe she joined al Qaeda. To read more about the time leading up to the White Widow’s massacre plot and see more pictures, click below.

(Photos) Jesus Take The Wheel: 20 Dead In Shooting At Kenyan Mall!!!!

Gunmen opened fire in the upscale Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. At least 20 people were killed and dozens were wounded. Kenya’s Ministry of Interior calls the shooting a possible “terrorist attack” and blames Somali militant group al Shabaab for the carnage. Al Shabaab had made threats against the shopping mall,two years after the Kenyan government concentrated forces against the Al-Qaeda linked group. Witnesses said they saw at least five assailants, who were shooting into the crowds at the mall without discrimination with AK-47s. Soldiers and victims agree that this shooting was not a botched robbery. To see pictures, click below.

(Photos) Prada Uses A Black Model For The First Time In How Many Years?!?

Prada’s PR when it comes to race hasn’t been the best in the past few months. After Prada Japan got sued by a former employee for sexual discrimination (they told her she needed to change her hair and lose weight and then fired her) Prada has been looking to be more inclusive. They’ve chosen black beauty Malaika Firth who was born in Kenya but UK raised. Hiring her was the first time Prada hired a model in NINETEEN years!!!! Something has got to be done about that. Prada should raise the bar and find exotic beauties around the world. Check out pics of gorgeous Malaika in the gallery.

Wait What?! Another Obama For Office?!?!

Looks Like one of the Many Obama’s is headed toward a political seat, hit the jump for the full story. AliTheGreatest

Beef In Kenya Kills How Many?!?!

Conflict rises as a Kenyan Village was burned down leaving 30 people killed and others injured. Raiders armed with machetes, spears, and torches ran through the Kenyan village burning houses and just killing everyone they saw. Sources say the raiders have been beefing with the village about grazing and that this has been going on for years. Our condolences go out to the village and there people. Check out the full story after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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