Amazon Revealed Thre New Tablets!!!!

Amazon recently revealed its Kindle HDX tablets. The new lineup has three new tablets, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Next-Gen Amazon Kindle Specs Leak…Watch Out iPad And Nexus 7!!

Google recently released the next generation of their Nexus 7 and everyone is waiting on Apple to update both the regular size iPad and the iPad Mini. In all of the news surrounding both companies lately, Amazon’s tablet offerings have been slept on…but not for long. Click through the jump for the details on the upcoming Kindle Fire tablets, which should be blazing fast.

Amazon Says Their Kindle Fire HD is Just As Good As The iPad (Video)

Amazon is now campaigning that their Kindle Fire HD is better than Apple’s iPad. Amazon does a side by side comaprison of their product against Apple’s, and looking at the video Amazon could be right. Amazon’s point in the commerical is that the Amazon product is better at a lower price. Commerical after the break.

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