Peter Shue Talks To Flex About His Rise, Madonna, & Snitches to get Less Lights

I’m from Brooklyn, but even I’ve heard of BX Legend Peter Shue, the infamous drug kingpin that had Madonna on smash, at least that was the word on the street back then.

Flex Talks To Geto, 80’s Drug Kingpin From Edenwald Projects in The Bronx

The feedback from #GotaStoryToTell010 with Kevin Chiles has been Tremendous! Now we have another story from NYC’s crack era by way of the Boogie Down, when history was being made in both the Music as well as on the streets…

NBA: Caron Butler’s Childhood Dream Was to be a Drug Dealing Kingpin, Basketball Was a Hobby

Many major media publications might be shocked by this declaration but for those of us familiar with the “hood” this is no surprise at all.  Caron Butler grew up dealing drugs, and despite his tall frame and basketball skills, his dream was to be a drug kingpin.

(Photos) The Internet Goes Crazy With Creative El Chapo Arrest Memes

After the world’s most infamous drug kingpin named “El Chapo” aka Joaquín Guzmán Loera was arrested this weekend after an intensive 10-year search, the internet blew up in no time with some pretty artistic memes. Although El Chapo was responsible for countless brutal murders and was worth over $1 billion dollars in drug money, leave it to these on-line comedics to turn a bad situation into something to laugh about. Check out some of the most creative ones in the gallery.

Drug Kingpin “El Chapo” Captured!

El Chapo (real name Joaquín Guzmán Loera) known as the world’s most wanted drug kingpin, has been captured today in Mexico. He been on the run for over a decade and his drug trafficking fortune is over $1 billion dollars! Read the report of the capture after the jump!

Doughnut Kingpin Busted??!!

We heard about drug cartels but today in Greece a doughnut cartel was shut down. Two Bulgarian men and a former Greek wrestling champion started to muscle doughnut vendors until they ran into an undercover cop posed as a doughnut seller. Check out the downfall of the Krispy Kreme Scarface after the jump. @ShottaDru

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