(CAUGHT ON TAPE) NFL: Whoa! Former NY Giant Shot By Police While Holding Knife To His Girlfriend’s Throat

Wow, this is crazy! Florida cops shot former New York Giants running back Jermaine Green while he was holding a knife to his girlfriend’s throat — and it was all caught on tape.  Thank goodness everyone involved survived. Check out what happened after the jump…

(Video) Breaking: Central Conn. State University On Lockdown Due To Masked Man Entering With A Knife

No shooting has occurred, but the officials of Central Conn. State University has advised all on-campus students to stay locked in their dormitories. A suspicious person has been reported, but as of yet no one has been located. The masked man with a gun, or a man wearing camouflage and carrying a knife, was seen spotted, but that has not been confirmed by police. Hope it’s just a false alarm. Hit the jump and watch how the New Britain, Conn., police enter the building and as details emerge, IFWT will fill you in.

C’MON SON: T.I. Allegedly Pulls Out Knife During Club Fight

Nooooo! Atlanta rapper T.I. is being accused of putting out a knife during a club brawl in DC at Park. The worst part is TIP JUST spoke to XXL about how he’s been staying out of trouble and away from his former ‘thug life’ ways. SMH! Hit the jump for the deets.

(Photos) #Selfie May Get 2 Teen Girls Convicted?!

I mean here in the U.S. it’s pretty much the same thing, but in Sweden, 2 teen girls tried to take a page straight out of “Spring Breakers” and Robbed a Restaurant with a large kitchen knife, screaming out threats and all that, but the kicker is their dumbass taking a Selfie that will end up being evidence against them!! Hit the Jump for Details.

(*Warning*Graphic*Video*) Woman Blasts Man With Rifle At Houston Gas Station [Update]

This is kinda Crazy…Not sure how they do things in Houston, but it seems as though this Woman was defending herself. Working off of surveillance footage it’s kinda blurry as to what happened here, but it looks like(possibly) an unemployed or possibly a Crack induced individual disrespectfully asked for Change, and when the woman said ‘nah’ the levels went up. Hit the Jump. *UPDATE Below*

WTF! Man Gets 50 Years In Prison For Stealing A Slab Of RIBS?!

Sticky fingers! I don’t know what’s more over the top, this or the woman who had her 13-year-old arrested for stealing her pop-tarts. Willie Smith Ward stole a slab of ribs from a grocery store and when confronted by an employee in the parking lot, the ribs fell out from under his shirt. Okay, so that part is funny, but the employee proceeded to ask if he had anything else under his shirt, and Ward responded, “I got a knife.” The employee’s counter-response was, “Now you just turned a ticket into a serious crime.” He never showed the knife, but none-the-less he still received 50 years behind bars for robbery. The people of Texas must be hard up, for real! Drop down bottom and check out the mugshot.

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