15 Year Old Utah Boy Stabs His Own Brothers 4, And 10 While Parents Were Away

A 15 year old Utah boy was babysitting his two little brothers while his mother was taking some of his siblings to a dance recital. The father was away on active military duty and the mother had put the 15 year old in charge but when she got back to her West Point home, she found her 4 year old son dead and couldn’t locate her other two sons. After authorities arrived they found the 10 year old also slain. The 15 year was not found until later but was taken into custody by the police. The local district attorney is debating whether to try this boy as a child or as an adult, and the mannner of the boy’s deaths seem to be consistent with knife wounds to the body. A neighbor of the family says the 15 year old was the oldest of the couples 6 children four of which were adopted. Both of the slain children were the adopted brother of the 15 year old, possibly being part of the boys motive. Hit the jump for more.

Sports:(Video) Nothing Like A Good Skateboard Fight!!

Pro skateboarders Don “The Nuge” Nguyen and Justin “Figgy” Figueroa stopped by Asylum Skatepark in Lake Bluff, Illinois for a demo as part of Thrasher’s Skate Rock Tour. Seems the local skaters didn’t take too kind to the pros asking for different music to be played while they were skating. The local kids tried to be tough because they were in their home area, but things didn’t go as they planned. Watch a couple of them get their ass kicked after the jump. Funny thing was you can clearly see other kids from the area cheering the pros on while they are fighting. Always has to be a few haters wherever you go to ruin a good time.

(Photos) Damn! This Woman Has Been Arrested Almost 400 TIMES !!!

Shorty is a mental case and then some. How do you get locked up more times than a drug dealer and still eligible for parole?! Shermain Miles, a homeless woman knows the answer all too well. This Chicago (had to be the Chi) woman is known around her neighborhood for pulling all types of tricks and cons, but the thing is, she must NOT be that great at it, because she’s landed a spot in the top 1% for all current Chicago Police Department arrestees. At first I thought this was funny, but as I continued to read up on it, and then took a look at ALL of her mugshots, it became a sad situation! If you’re curious to know how many times this woman has been in police custody, drop down bottom.

(Photos) TSA Will Allow Pocketknives Aboard Planes For The First Time Since 2001

I think this news is ridiculous. Maybe I’m biased because my mother is a flight attendant and is on planes all the time, but it really makes me wonder why this is necessary. Why do you need a knife on you WHILE you’re on the plane? Pack it in your checked in luggage! For the first time since 2001, the Transportation Security Administration announced they will allow travelers to bring small knives, hockey sticks & golf clubs into the airplane cabin. This rule will take effect April 25 and it is the biggest loosening of restrictions for carry-on items since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Do you think this is a good idea? See what TSA is prohibiting you to bring on board below!

(Photos) Aww Damn!!! 2 Dudes, 1 Girl, & A Knife, NOT A Good Mix!!!”

Making friends in jail never really seems like an ideal thing to do. Having a threesome with a friend you met while in prison will probably end the very same way this story does…. with a mugshot. Two prison pals learned their lesson the hard way. Find out how this crazy story went down after the jump.

Mother Calls Daughter & Hears Her Getting Raped

This is a complete nightmare for any mother.  A mother called her daughter after being worried about her and when she did she overheard a man in the background.  The man she heard had held her daughter at knifepoint and raped her.  Fortunately the 15-year-old girl survived the tragic night, but will have to try and cope with this forever, the suspect still has not been caught.   Steph B Source

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