22 Kids Wounded In China Due To A Knife Attack !?!?

Sad to report, but the ignorance has spread into China. After the shooting in Newton, CT, who wants to hear that kids are getting knifed to death. Chenpeng Village Primary School in Henan province was the school where 22 kids and one adult was attacked by a “mentally ill” guy with a knife. Some of the children are in critical condition, so I hope they pull threw. #SHAMEful. People need to get in together. Stop the Violence !!! Drop down bottom please. JaaiR (JR)

Cops Killed Man After He Stabbed Two Officers With 13-Inch Knife

Mohamed Bah, a 28-year-old Bronx man and former student at Borough of Manhattan Community College, was shot and killed by police in the Bronx. The man attacked two of six emergency service officers with a 13-inch knife. Click below for more of the story. Melissa Nash

(Video) Tech Talk Crime: Xbox Live Argument Leads To Stabbing

This Is exactly why I stopped Playing Xbox Live….Well maybe Not exactly, I actually stopped because My Xbox red ringed me, so I moved ove to PS3, But When I was Playing Xbox Live, I was supper annoyed how some of the kids on there talk kinda crazy. Now this isn’t just 2 kids talking Crazy, this is more of a ‘Beef’ 2 kids had with each other that escalated because of the Crazy talk on Xbox Live. Hit the Jump! Wza

Kid Gets Shot At And Stabbed 22 Times Over Fight That Started On XBox Chat

An online fight led to an in-person attack for a young man. He ended up with nearly two dozen stab wounds. This stabbing all started with a conversation on an Xbox Live headset that allegedly set a 17-year-old off, not with a joystick, but with a real knife and gun. Click below to find out more. WiL Major

Man Stabbed Friend During Argument Over Who Has The Most Sex!!!

An argument between two men over which one of them “can have the most sex” ended Sunday with a stabbing. It’s clear that somebody needs anger management. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

(Video) Women Rapes Teenage Boy At Knife Point

A 20-year-old woman forced a boy to have sex with her at knife point! Get the full story after the jump. steveisDOPE

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