Sports: Hilarious Gifs, Videos & Memes of LaVar Ball’s Appearance on First Take

LaVar Ball and son Lonzo Ball appeared on ESPN’s First Take, Monday (Mar.27) and of course hilarity ensued with the larger than life dad.  What followed wasn’t surprising, gifs, memes, and videos went viral on social media.

(Photos) NCAA: LaVar Ball Got Roasted On Twitter After UCLA Lost To Kentucky

image via: youtube The twitter universe was not kind to LaVar Ball on Friday night after his son Lonzo and his UCLA teammates lost to Kentucky in the sweet 16. The same guy who has been running his mouth non stop about how UCLA is going to win the title and how his son is better than Steph Curry and how he is going to get a billion dollar sneaker deal for his kids, was forced to just shutup and eat his own words as he watched Lonzo put up a dismal performance in his final college game.

NBA: Add Steve Kerr To The Long List Of People Who Aren’t Fans Of LaVar Ball

image via: youtube LaVar Ball has been saying some pretty outlandish things regarding not only himself but his kids as well. The father of UCLA standout, Lonzo Ball, as well as two younger sons who are also committed to UCLA, has said that Lonzo is better than Steph Curry, has claimed that his sons will get a $1 billion dollar sneaker deal and has even said that he personally was better than Michael Jordan back in the day and he was dead serious.

Sports: LaVar Ball’s Teammate Says It’s Laughable He Thinks He Could Beat Jordan & Averaged 2.2 pts

LaVar Ball had a real decent name for himself becoming successful and producing three young men with amazing basketball skills.  Ball has since become known as the loud-mouthed sports dad with his outrageous claims.  While it’s GREAT to see a father believe in his sons, Ball has gone off the deep end now saying he could’ve beat Michael Jordan back in his heyday.

NBA: LaVar Ball Says Lonzo Ball Will Be Better Than Steph Curry & People Compare His Son By Color

LaVar Ball is the father to THREE very talented basketball players, Lonzo Ball, LiAngelo Ball, and LaMelo Ball.  Lonzo is the oldest and he’s a star at UCLA.  Like most proud parents, LaVar boasted about his young star.

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