(Photo) Fetty Wap’s Baby Mother Goes IN On Fetty Wap For Not Stepping Up To The Plate

Fetty Wap’s baby mother Lezhae Zeona has now went on a rant about Fetty and his multiple baby mother’s. Zeona says when she see’s Masika going off on Fetty about his responsibilities she simply has to laugh because she has been there and don’t that before. Zeona went IN on everyone in Fetty’s circle. His lady loves Yaya and Alexis, and also his right hand man Monty. Zeona says she asked Wap to fly her and her daughter out to see her sick grandmother and she got ignored.

Fetty Wap Responds To His Daughter’s Mother Throwing Shade At Alexis Sky

Fetty Wap may have a bunch of women in his circle that we can’t keep track of, but he certainly can, and he’s not going to tolerate any drama between the sister wives! As we reported, Fetty brought his daughter and her mother out to Texas last weekend to celebrate the baby’s first birthday, and apparently he rekindled things with mom…or at least she’d like you to believe that via her social media. In a now-deleted post last night, Lezhae shared a photo of a man with his daughter and his wife, both calling him daddy and fighting for his attention. She captioned it, “This was dead me a few days ago.” Hmm.. Meanwhile, she was throwing shade to Alexis Sky on Snapchat – who Fetty just rekindled his on-again/off-again romance with. He brought both ladies to his show in ATL last night, and Lez was apparently upset that Alexis got to be side-stage and on Fetty’s bus, while she was in VIP and in the hotel. This is such a mess, LOL. Check out what Fetty had to say about it in the gallery. Messy!

(Photos + Video) So Cute! Fetty Wap’s Daughter Celebrates Her First Birthday With Mom & Dad On Tour In TX

Fetty Wap’s daughter turns one this weekend (Sunday to be exact,) so she and mommy boarded a plane from New Jersey to head to Texas to be with dad on tour to celebrate! Mom (aka Lezhae Zeona) and Fetty have had their fair share of ups and downs, but the pair seem to have been in a good space with co-parenting since their huge blowout last fall. That’s always great to hear, as it’s the child that suffers the most in those instances. Clearly, lil Zaviera is more than happy to be with her family on her special day, as she’s all smiles in posts from both Fetty and Lezhae! Check out some of the pics and videos below. Happy birthday, lil mama!

(Photos) Guess Which Rapper’s Baby Mama Was Flown Out To LA By Chief Keef!

Fetty Wap’s daughter’s mother remained out of the spotlight for the first few months of their daughter’s life in 2015, but she made her way to the web when she and Fetty started butting heads last fall. She went on to do tell-all interviews about him and all, and ended up enjoying the attention so much, she quit school to try to pursue a modeling career. Lezhae and Fetty have since reconciled, but since he’s preoccupied with a few other women romantically, Lezhae has set her sights set on other rappers. In the past couple of months, she’s made various men her #MCM on Instagram, including Tory Lanez and a local rapper from her Paterson neighborhood, but the latest was none other than Chicago native, Chief Keef. Her captions for all of the aforementioned men always seemed to allude that these posts were more than random admiration from afar, and now the latter has pretty much been confirmed to be true.

Oh Nah: Fetty Wap And Baby Mother Argue Heavy

Is this the Trap Queen Fetty Wap talks about? Well if so, she isn’t anymore. Fetty Wap and Lezhae Zeona the mother of his daughter got at it apparently and the clips of this video are not something you want to miss; things get so heated it becomes borderline uncomfortable to say the least. The argument was allegedly over an interview his baby mother on Gems Radio Dashow in Paterson, NJ. You’ve got to check this out…

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