(Video) Black Lives Matter Activist Confronts Hillary Clinton About Black Incarceration

Hillary Clinton has been confronted by a Black Lives Matter activist in the state of South Carolina during a fundraiser. When questioned to apologize to black people for “mass incarceration”, Clinton failed to address the activist before she was escorted away after causing an uproar from the crowd. Hit the jump.

(Video) Famous Marine Veteran Gets Beaten & Robbed By Black Lives Matter Group In Washington D.C

This is seriously disgusting. This man served our country and kept these people safe and than they turn on him because he’s white? Like all of a sudden he’s your enemy even though he protected your freedom 12 years ago? Violence and ignorance isn’t the answer to achieve peace and equality. Hit the jump.

(Video) Rhode Island Dancing Cop Fired For Protesting Against Black Lives Matter

The number of Black Lives Matter protest has sky rocketed especially with the high number of police brutality stories that are now surfacing around. Our people are now fed up and demanding justice. We are now looking to have our voices heard by all means. Maybe not all agree though. Tony Lepore was recently fired after organizing a protest against a Dunkin Donuts worker who wrote “#BlackLivesMatter” on his cup.

(Video) Black Lives Matter Activist Attacked At Donald Trump’s Rally

Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama a fight broke out at Donald Trump’s rally between a black lives matter activist and other crowd members of the rally. SMH! A video posted by CNN, shows a fews trump supporters horribly kicking and shoving a BLM activist on the ground. Warning, this video may anger you!

(Video) President Obama Backs Up #BlackLivesMatter Movement : “We Need To Address This Issue”

While speaking at a forum that spoke on criminal justice, Preseident Barak Obama spoke on how he feels about the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement. For once it feels good to hear someone touch basis on a movement that has potential to touch the hearts and minds of many.

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