Chris Brown Slammed With Lawsuit Over Alleged Las Vegas Attack

In case you missed it, at the top of the year Chris Brown was accused by crazy lady, Liziane Gutierrez, of punching her in the face and kicking her out of a Las Vegas party. Breezy and Gutierrez went at it via social media; him calling her an “old bitch” and her telling him to be a better person  in  a video with no sign of injury. Now, Gutierrez is taking further legal action and has just filed a lawsuit against, Chris Brown in Clark County, Nevada. She claims (again), that someone in Breezy’s camp or possibly Chris himself, hit her in the “face and/or arm and/or hands.” She also claims they took her phone. Vegas police previously investigated Gutierrez’s claim and said that there just wasn’t enough evidence and decided to completely drop the case, so there’s a pretty good chance the lawsuit will get thrown out the same way. Guiterrez has proven to be a groupie, looking for a hand out in the past, as she’s the same woman who caused drama for Jason Derulo when he didn’t allow her to get into his party bus after the club back in August.  

(Video) Chris Brown’s Accuser Liziane Gutierrez Couldn’t Get Into 1Oak Because He Was Inside

The bird that accused Chris Brown of “punching [her] in the eye” in Las Vegas (with no proof) learned the hard way last night that she’s not “famous” just because her false accusation got her on a few websites. Liziane Gutierrez was trying to get into popular LA hot spot 1Oak last night, making several attempts with the door man – and he just wasn’t having it. However, all of her girls got in without a problem! Turns out, Chris and his friends (including Scott Disick) were inside partying, so Liziane is pretty sure that’s why she was given the hand. Watch the hilariously pathetic video below.

(Video) Fan Catches Woman Who Accused Chris Brown Of Punching Her In The Face; Puts Her On Blast

Remember Liziane Gutierrez? Incase you missed it, she’s the crazy woman who accused Chris Brown of punching her in the face a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. She’s also the same woman who caused drama for Jason Derulo when he didn’t allow her to get into his party bus after the club back in August. Well recently, a Chris Brown fan caught Gutierrez out in Las Vegas again causing some kind of disturbance. As if she wasn’t already embarrassed once after having her credibility shot to hell for making false claims and then a second after Breezy called her an “old b*itch” on Instagram, this CB fan decided to all her out again making this groupie looks super uncomfortable. Check out the clip below.

(Video) Woman Who Says Chris Brown Hit Her Releases A Video Response…With NO Visible Injury

A woman by the name of Liziane Gutierrez accused Chris Brown of striking her in the eye over the weekend, alleging it happened because he was upset she snuck her phone into his Las Vegas party and took a photo of him. Chris immediately responded to the allegations in a video, saying not only has he never met Liziane, but she’s far too ugly to have been rubbing elbows with him. He later added another post, this time saying that he will be making his circle smaller to prevent his “friends” from inviting these type of women to be around him, and that he’d be pursuing legal action against her and any other false accusers (as there were two just last year), for defamation.

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