(Video) Lmao…Little Girl Aint Scared! “Imma Bust The Devil Up, He Needs To Stop Playing With Me”

One of the internet’s latest viral videos is sporting a little girl in the backseat of a car taunting the devil with quotes like “do you see a smile on my face? no.” “he need to stop playing with me.” Hit the jump for this funny video of this girl going off!

(Video) LMAO: Woman Gets Slapped With A Hand Full Of Butter

Two woman were standing on a porch talking as one is being accused of spreading a rumor about the other. Outta left field, the woman talking smacks the other woman with a hand full of butter knocking her out of her seat!

(Video) Lmao…Guy Goes Off On Kanye…”You Make Me Want To Punch Innocent Puppies In The Face”

Lmao omg…this guy is too funny. He just went on a Kanye West rant – stemming from his diss against Taylor Swift. The stuff this guy is saying is hilarious, with my favorite quotable – “you make me want to punch innocent puppies in the face.” Lol, hit the jump.

(Video) Lmao!! 72 Year-Old Grandma Loses Her Dentures While Sky Diving

Jaw-dropping indeed. Watch this hilarious video of grandma living her life to the fullest and losing her dentures some thousands of feet up in the sky.

(Video) LMAO: Things Beyonce Does, That Would Be Awkward If You Did Them!

This video is pure comedy. It takes a look at Beyonce’s divaness and applies it to the regular Betties of the world. From her risque fashion sense to sexed up performances, let’s be honest -only she can pull it off! Check out a list of things Queen Bey does, that would be awkward if you did. To see the video, click below.

(Video) LMAO! Tracee Eliss Ross AKA “T-Murda” Rapping Tyga’s “Pass Me The Hookah”

If you follow Tracee Eliss Ross on instagram, then you know the actress has made several videos of her attempting to rap the lyrics to her favorite rap songs. In the past she’s rapped along to Nicki Minaj’s remix to “No Flex Zone” and today she dropped her rendition of “Pass me the hookah” by Tyga. She is NO rapper but its hilarious when she tries. Hit the jump to see the video and the old one if you missed it! Shanice

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