(Video) Remy Ma Speaks On Losing Her Baby

Remy Ma has now taken to Instagram to share that she and her husband Papoose have lost their baby. Such a hard time for the couple.

(Photo) NBA: Spike Lee Skips Knicks London Trip: “I Can Take A Cab To See Them Lose”

These Fans Ain’t Loyal! Spike Lee, crowned the biggest Knicks’ fan, gave a priceless response when asked about missing the NY team’s London away-game, which they actually lost 96-79…Spike Lee definitely ‘did the right thing!’ LOL check it out below

(Photos) NBA: Knicks Fans Start Wearing Bags On Their Heads As Season Just Gets Uglier

Yes Knicks fans, it is this bad. It has BEEN this bad all season. It is so bad that people are paying ALOT of money to sit near the court at MSG just to cover their face with bags as a protest against this debacle of a season. Cameras caught five guys in the crowd last night as the Knicks hosted the Rockets, who halfway through the game looked much different because they had placed bags over their heads as they watched the Knicks lose their 14th game in a row. The images speak very strongly for themselves. Yes, there is some hope for next year with the Knicks having some money to burn and likely a very high draft pick, but at this rate it will be hard to finish this year with any sanity left.

(Video) NBA: Michael Jordan Says “Bobcats Will Never Tank Season”

Michael Jordan knows the Bobcats are not a competitive team. They have gone 62-168 in his three full seasons as the majority owner. He knows things won’t be much different this year either. But make no mistake, he will make sure his team competes every night as if they have something to play for. With a few teams rumored to be trying to lose this season on purpose to try and get one of the best players coming out of college next year, Jordan replied with this. “It’s not guaranteed the player you are going to get is going to be that star anyway,” Jordan said. “I did read that certain teams are thinking about doing it. But I’m not one of them. So let’s alleviate that conversation.” Teams tank to try and get a good college player and then they either don’t wind up with the player they wanted, or the young man who they thought would change their franchise winds up not being a good pro player. It is big risk if a team does that. Jordan also said jokingly “If that was my intention I never would have paid (free agent) Al Jefferson $13 million a year.” Hit the jump for an interesting video about the topic.

(Photos) Are THESE 5 Breeds Of Dogs Less Popular?!

Remember when dogs used to steal the show? Like, real dogs and not your favorite rappers. Hit the jump and check out some dying breeds. But don’t worry, they aren’t endangered just losing popularity.

NBA: As The Wizards Fall to 0-8 The Fans Finally Cheer When They Get Free Chicken Sandwiches

When you’re a fan of the Washington Wizards, you take any reason to celebrate within your reach.  With Saturday’s 83-76 loss to the Utah Jazz, the Wizards dropped to 0-8 for the second straight season. But the fans who stuck around for the fourth quarter in Washington found solace — perhaps too much — in a fast-food giveaway.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

(Video) NBA: The Charlotte Bobcats Throw the Worst Draft Party Ever & React to Losing #1 Pick

The look of this draft party pretty much sums up the Charlotte Bobcats season.  They opened up the Time-Warner Cable Arena to fans to watch the NBA Draft lottery together and well practically no one showed up.  Check it out after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

Tech Talk News: Hackers Vs. The U.S….Who Is Winning???

I Don’t know, But I do know this is turning into a WAR!!! The Hackers always seem to respond, But No matter what’s said, I wouldn’t count on the U.S. Gov to give up any time Soon, Hit the Jump to see what’s really going on Now!! +TatWZA

NBA: Dwight Howard Tells His Teammates to Stay Home or in the Lockeroom If They Don’t Want to Play

The Orlando Magic looked frustrated and like they didn’t even want to play when they took a 93-67 beating from the New Orleans Hornets on Friday night.  Dwight Howard wasn’t too happy about their performance and had some harsh words for his team.  Since he’s strongly considering leaving the team, I suggest they listen up or maybe they think its too late.  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

Guess Which Major League Teams Are Losing The Most Fans?!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Sports teams often go through sharp swings in popularity. Attendance rises and falls. This frequently has to do with how well a team performs. When teams do well, people outside of their primary fan base become interested and start going to games. Using records provided by ESPN, 24/7 Wall St. examined changes in attendance for the four major league sports from 2001 to 2010 to identify the twelve teams that decreased more than 20 percent. Check the list after the jump…

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