NBA: It Doesn’t Stop — New Clippers CEO Has His Own Shady Secrets

Geez, the Clippers can’t catch a break. First the whole Donald Sterling mess and now we’re learning the new Clippers CEO, Richard Parsons,  has some shady secrets of his own.  He has a secret love child with his model mistress and that baby mama is confirming the news…

[PHOTOS] Ummm…Someone’s Got Some Explaining To Do! Does Drake Have A Secret Love Child?!

Uh oh, looks like Canadian rapper Drake may have ‘slipped up’…. pun intended. Some very suspect pictures went viral today after a Miami, Fl woman made claims that Drake had fathered her young son….Check out side by side pics for comparison!

(Photos) Ludacris’ New Baby’s Mother Speaks Out: “Luda’s Never Seen His Daughter!”

Alright, I’m going to just say what we’re all thinking: Yo, this woman looks old as f*ck! Sorry, I’m really not here to tear anyone down or anything, but zamn! I’m just kind of wondering how all of this went down, especially when Ludacris’ longtime girlfriend Eudoxie is gorg! (Blah, blah…beauty is on the inside…blah, blah.) Anyway, back to the story. As we all know, Ludacris recently fathered a child outside of his current relationship (allegedly while they were “on a break”,) with a woman by the name of Tamika Fuller. The pair are currently in a bit of a battle in court over child support payments, with documents leaking left and right revealing extortion plots and the like! Meanwhile, Eudoxie isn’t even batting an eyelash over the whole ordeal. With the blogs running rampant with various reports and rumors, Tamika decided to step up and clear her name in a written statement. Check out what she had to say below.

(Photos) Ludacris & Eudoxie Don’t Seem To Have Any Trouble In Paradise…At ALL!

Photographed out for the first time since news of Ludacris fathering a secret love child while they were on a break, he and his fianceé Eudoxie looked just as happy as ever. The pair attended a movie screening earlier this week in Atlanta, and Luda looked very much the doting hubby, as Eudoxie happily smiled and posed for photos. Once again, taking a page out of D. Wade and Gabby’s book! Hey, if they like it…I love it!

SMH: Dwyane Wade-Syndrome? Ludacris IS The Father Of Newborn Baby…Whose Mom Is NOT Eudoxie!

Yo, what is wrong with these celebrities? It is one thing to cheat…sadly, it comes with the territory. It’s a whole different level of cheating to NOT ONLY go raw, but to…hmm, how do I keep this PG?…to uh, let go of your stuff inside of these women! LOL! This truly gives meaning to “thinking with the wrong head.” You’re famous, you’re rich and your significant other is also well known…not only is the side chick going to MAKE SURE she gets your seed by any means possible because she’ll be ca$hing out, but you’re humiliating the woman you supposedly “love so much” on the most public scale EVER! Okay, am I ranting? I just realized I haven’t even gotten to the story yet. Sorry guys. I just…I can’t b. WHY ARE MEN SO DUMB! (Don’t start with the “Who hurt you?” comments now, LOL.) Anyway, following in the footsteps of Dwyane Wade, Ludacris stepped out on his significant other Eudoxie this year and got another woman pregnant. Also taking a page out of Dwayne’s book, he’s rolling with the “we were on a break” thing. Right. Way to save face, guys. More below.

(Photos) SMH: Pauly D’s Baby Moms Tricked Her Boyfriend Into Thinking Love Child Was His Own!

Jersey Shore star and fist pumper extraordinaire Pauly D recently made his love child public that was born resulting from a one night stand with a Hooters waitress during a Vegas vacation. Well, Pauly’s baby momma, Melissa Markert, aint ish and proved it by allegedly letting her boyfriend (who she lived with) to believe that 5-month-old Amabella was really his. SMH! Click below for the deets.

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