(Video) Jamila Woods Ft. Chance The Rapper – LSD

Jamila Woods pulls through with a visual for her song “LSD” featuring Chance The Rapper off her debut album HEAVN.

This Is Your Brain on Drugs: The Only LSD Study In The World!

Someone call ASAP Rocky, I think we found the perfect study for him. 50 years after the U.S. government banned the trippy dug, were finally given some sort of research on the effects that LSD has on the human brain. Far out, man.

(Video) Flatbush Zombies vs. The Underachievers

It’s time for a Noisey back-and-forth segment. This go round it is the Flatbush Zombies vs. The Underachievers … really Meechy Darko of the Flatbush Zombies vs. Issa Gold of The Underachievers in a story-telling sit down. Check it out after the jump.

A$AP Rocky Ditches Lean For What?!

On to the next thrill A$AP Mob Frontman Rocky talks about his new choice of poison. Straying away from lean, the rapper is now into more experimental drugs. “My inspiration now is from psychedelics and shit. LSD, I love it. It almost makes you feel like you’re the best creator next to God.” he said. “I look forward to a stadium full of people high off of energy, whatever their preference of drug is, and my music,” he said. “A stadium full of people just losing themselves to the moment. When I get that, that’s when I’ll be satisfied.”

Ground Beef Laced With LSD

Just a few weeks ago 9 millions pounds of ground beef was recalled, now we have ground beef tainted with LSD!? A pregnant woman and her family became sick after eating the ground beef laced with the hallucinogenic. Read more about this after the jump.

Wrongly Linked To Mental Health Problems, THIS Drug Could Now Be Good For You?!?

The Hallucinogen LSD has recently gained notoriety when it was revealed that numerous celebrities were avid fans and users. One of the most notable, of course, is Steve Jobs. As if the list of famous people weren’t enough to change curiosity to experience. But don’t get me wrong, JUST SAY NO… only after you hit the jump.

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