New Series ALERT: Block Work: Dave Ease #FunkFlexFreestyle0001

One of the most sought out, dare I say coveted actions as a true MC/Rapper is to show your skill at the highest level… and yes get approval from the kingpin himself, I’m talking about a Funk Flex Freestyle. Over the years many have come to where the spotlight is for said action, and Flex & the team have pivoted to keep the tradition alive, taking the experience outside to where everyone gets their 1st taste of ‘am I hot or Not’… The Block!

(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Is In The Top 5 BEST Lyricist?!

Cocky much?! Don’t get into an argument with his fans, because they are going to yell “EST.” to the mountain tops, MGK says. Machine Gun Kelly has a sit down with Invasion Radio’s DJ Green Lantern and Boss Lady, and suggests that he is one of the best right now. At least in the top five! He’s worked hard, and despite being denied the chance to perform on some stages, the wild/bad boy still continues to strive. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of Machine Gun Kelly, but top five…MAYBE! I’d have to sit down, grab a pen and a pad, and do some lyrical calculations. Hit the jump to see what else MGK had to say about himself.

(Video) Nicki Minaj “I Don’t Get The Credit That I Deserve & I’m Lyrically Better Than Most Male Rappers”

Nicki Minaj sat down with MTV and she goes over multiple topics, like the sexy scenes with Lil’ Wayne in the “High School” video and her teaming up with Ciara (whoa) in the close future. Nicki also speaks on her feelings like, “lyrically, I’m better then most of these male rappers.” Would I agree, yes! She also mentions that she doesn’t get the credit that she deserves. Would I agree, no! I’m going to be extremely honest when I say that the Nicki that first came out and the Nicki that is NOW are not the same person. The style and the flow, lyrically has changed – WHY – to sell records. Nicki gets a GREAT amount of earned credit from the people who likes pop music and the outfits and the complete “Barbie” brand. In my opinion if she goes back to the “Slumber Party” flow, she can take over the game and get the recognition from the ones she’s looking to get it from. Even though now, Lola Monroe is coming pretty hard – competition. This coming from someone who use to blast Nicki Minaj through the speakers. Drop down bottom and check out what else Nicki has to say.

(Video) Strippers Battle Rapping In The Strip Club NAKED In New York

I’d hit this strip club up for the lyrical talent ONLY. Lol! These girls are going at it and the g-strings hanging are NOT the main focus, but it’s obvious. To quote a viewer…”they have post-pregnancy bodies.” Drop down bottom and check out the vocals.

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