Breaking: NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Announces The Creation Of, Nelson Mandela School For Social Justice

In less then 24hrs after Nelson Mandela’s death, NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg announces the creation of a high school in Brooklyn, in dedication of the hero. The Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice. DOPE! Hit the jump for more details.

Actress Who Sent Ricin To President Obama & NY’s Mayor Bloomberg Is Facing 18 Years!

Shannon Richardson, the actress who stuffed ricin in letters addressed to President Obama and New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken a deal that will land her a maximum of 18 years behind bars. Drop down bottom for the details.

Bloomberg Sues City Council Over Stop & Frisk Law?!

When Bloomberg has a point to make, the mayor of NYC intends on being heard, no matter how many times you try to shut him down. Although many can agree he’s done quite a bit to make the city better, he’s also been stubborn about a few other things, including the soda ban and Stop & Frisk. A judged ruled Stop & Frisk to be unconstitutional and required that the program have a lawyer oversee the controversial program. Bloomberg has made public statements that he believes minorities should be stopped more, and he has completely attributed Stop & Frisk to the decrease of violence in NYC. Find out what he’s suing City Council for after the jump.

Uh Oh: Stop-And-Frisk Ruling Is Going To Be Appealed By Who??

So Mayor Bloomberg and his team are not giving up on this stop and frisk law by any means its looking like. The Mayor has already put in motion the appeal of the ruling that was given a few weeks back that ruled against the law because it singled out minorities. The City of Law filled an appeal early Friday Morning in the U.S. District court in Manhattan. check out what city officials are saying about this appeal process.

SMH! Pregnant Vampire Diaries Star Sends Ricin Letters To WHO ?!

SMH! This chick done lost her marbles, Shannon Richardson, also known as Shannon Rogers and Shannon Guess, was arrested and charged Friday with sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Texas actress, who has appeared in “The Walking Dead” and “Vampire Diaries,” tried to place the blame on her estranged husband, Nathaniel Richardson, who has denied all involvement. Letters threatening Obama were found on Shannon Richardson’s computer, and FBI determined that Nathaniel was not involved because he was not at home at the time that they were printed out…See more after the jump…..

WTF!?!? Green Cabs For The Outer Boroughs?!

Yea, you read that right, two separate court rulings approved Mayor Bloomberg’s push to increase hail Cab service throughout all five boroughs. The new fleet of green apple colored vehicles is set to hit the streets later this summer….More After Jump.

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