2 Chainz Is Waiting To See If He Has The Right Qualifications To Run For Mayor!

2 Chainz is a man of many talents. Not only he is a rapper with a bunch of hit singles that topped the charts at #1, but he is also a professional Marijuana debater and now plans to add “politician” to his already impressive resume! He recently revealed in an interview with XXL that he plans to run for Mayor in his hometown of College Park, Georgia, although he has mentioned his interest in doing so in other interviews prior. When asked about participating in a rematch with Nancy Grace, the rapper explains, “I moved on, man. I don’t know what’s going on up there. I know I’ve been getting a lot of praise and everything. I definitely appreciate the love that came behind me.” He then went on to add, “I’m a musician, not a politician. I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing. I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I’m just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications.” Would you vote for 2 Chainz if he ran for Mayor in your local city? After seeing his extremely impressive debate, I believe he would definitely get my vote. 2 CHAAAIIIINNNZZZZZ!

(Video) NYPD Turns Back on Mayor de Blasio During Funeral

Local news engines stopped today to broadcast live the funeral proceedings of slain Officer Rafael Ramos in Brooklyn. While many have commented that this was an unusally (and quite sus, politically) grand display of a city-wide condolence, it was definitely a huge sign of support to the Ramos family. The total opposite unfortunately was the case as the NYPD Turns Back on Mayor de Blasio During Funeral in an aggressive showing of continued non-support.

(Photos) NYPD Flies Anti-Mayor de Blasio Banner Over NYC

The fued between cops, local government and “the people” seems to be escalating as NYPD Flies Anti-Mayor de Blasio Banner Over NYC for all of New York City to see. If you live, work or happened to be anywhere along the Hudson River the big bold red letters definitely passed you. This is the latest stunt/statement to the mayor from the NYPD since literally turning their backs on him last week!

Russell Simmons Deletes “F**k…The Police” Tweet To Replace It

The deaths of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, by the hands of Ismaaiyl Brinsley has caused a major stir. The politics are at an all-time high and everyone from the citizens, to the police, The Game and now, Russell Simmons have spoken out against its officials. Simmons, who has been an active representative among the #ICantBreathe movement, felt the need to post an aggressive tweet on the New York Post and police union’s “propaganda.” In other words, they are all working together. Check out the jump for more.

Mayor De Blasio Requests A Halt In Protests To Mourn With Officers Families

After speculation that he was ‘hiding’ from the families of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, mayor Bill de Blasio visits that families’s home and holds on a press conference of the two officers’ deaths. The fatal shootings of officers Liu and Ramos, tensions among New York citizens, its officials and fellow officers have risen. Most of the blame has fallen on New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, who spoke Monday morning on what residents should be doing at the moment. It’s not protesting or causing riots, but, “It’s time for everyone to put aside political debates, put aside protests, put aside all of the things that we will talk about in due time,” he said. While the world continues to mourn the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, walks, marches and debates continue. However, de Blasio would like it if everyone accompanies the Liu and Ramos, “Families on their difficult journey. Let’s see them through the funerals…then the debate can begin again.” Hit the jump for more.

(Video) UPDATES, More Statements and Sorrow Surround Brooklyn Police Shooting

MORE UPDATES, More Statements and Sorrow Surround Brooklyn Police Shooting that took the lives of Officer Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos yesterday in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. 13 year old son of Officer Ramos posted a powerful statement in regards on his Facebook page. Candle light vigil is set for 6PM tonight, a memorial has been set up for the officers by their 84th precinct and symbols around the city are up. NYPD officers lined Woodhull hospital to salute slain officers as ambulance drove them away. Official statements have also been in from President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, Mayor Bill de Blasio and actions against the mayor at news conference from Woodhull Hospital last night. As NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch says “There’s blood is on many hands…we tried to warn…” Jaden Ramos, the son of slain Officer Ramos has commented bravely. “He was the best father I could ask for…RIP Dad.” #AllLivesMatter

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