(Photo) Game Rips Meek Mill For “Liking” Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma Meme

With all the new rap beef there is going on like Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill vs. Game might have to happen.

(Photos) Social Media Goes Crazy With Hilarious Joe Biden Memes After Trump Victory

The Presidential election this past week has left everyone shocked, surprised and basically speechless (on both sides of the spectrum). With that being said, the internet never ceases to amaze us at how fast these memes get generated.

(Photos) Game Posts New Meek Mill Rat Meme/ Cover Art For #92Bars : “Shame On Meek Mill, The Philly Rat”.

Seems like Meek took Big Meech’s solid advice to stay focused. The Game however ain’t here for that. Being snitched on is probably the worst thing someone can do to you and with the Game being a self proclaimed petty person he has no plans of slowing down. He just posted another meme which had a sign in it that said “Shame On Meek Mill, The Philly Rat”. This meme also appears to be the official cover art for the 92 Bars Meek Mill diss song. lol so petty. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump.

(Photo) “J. Cole Went Platinum With No Features” Has Turned Into A Viral Meme

Its not secret that J.Cole went platinum with his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album. The internet has now gone crazy and released a slew of memes. Not that this is new news but I guess this is just a reminder that J.Cole is super dope.

(Photo) Viral Meme Triggers An Interesting Debate

A viral meme has created a rather interesting debate. The meme was of a fictional relationship between two people, “Keith and Tameka.” “Tameka” is a neurosurgeon who makes 400K a year, and her husband “Keith” is a retail manager who makes $44,000 a year. Big difference.

(Photo) Wesley Snipes Questions “Why Does Young Metro Have So Many Trust Issues?”

Wesley Snipes, recently gained a huge popularity on Twitter. The New Jack City actor, recently posed an important question to to his followers when he tweeted, “Why does young metro have so many trust issues? lol” Clearly, Snipes has been put on to the ever popular Future ad-libs, that have proven to be meme gold, “If young Metro don’t trust you I’m gon’ shoot you.” Snipes received several answers from followers, however none of which were probably the answers he was looking for. Check it out in the gallery!

(Photos) HA-LA-RI-US: The Internet Is Ablaze With Kanye Vs. Wiz Memes

Every now and again, the Internet gives off a little more excitement than it would on any given day. Today was that day. Today, Wiz Khalifa tweeted about KK, some “weed fool” but Kanye West took KK to stand for the initials of his formerly promiscuous wife, Kim Kardashian; Kanye’s lack of knowledge in the green trees department sent him off into a Twitter rage that will surely go down in the books (along with his 127 other rants). He talked about Wiz, his career, his child and his child’s mother, Amber Rose (a lady whom he once stuffed his sausage into. Amber said her peace, and well, it was all just a big mess. Of course, with all Internet beefs, memes come about; this time is no different.

There He Goes Again…50 Cent Takes A Jab At Ronda Rousey With Floyd Mayweather Antagonizing Meme

He ain’t going nowhere….50 continues his shade throwing rampage this evening by taking a jab at the recovering Ronda Rousey with his infamous twitter fingers. Hit the jump.

(Video/Photo) NBA: LOL, Derrick Rose Wears Shirt With Meme Of His Son On It & Now You Can Buy It

Everything about this is awesome. After a great game down the stretch in which Derrick Rose carried the Bulls to a victory over the Thunder, Rose was giving interviews in the locker room with a shirt that displayed the now famous meme with the face of his son, PJ.

(Photo) Oh, The Irony! AT&T President Fired For Racist Meme In His Cell Phone!

Former President of Content and Ad Sales, Aaron Slator, was terminated from his position; due to a text message found in his phone containing a meme with the phrase “It’s Friday N***as”. The picture was found by an AT&T employee during a data transfer, as Slator was getting a new phone.

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