(Photo) Rihanna Just Can’t Stand This!!!

She has made it clear before,but RiRi just wants to make sure that everyone understands that she hates this sh*t and how she is trying to prevent it! Hit the jump

(Photos)Facebook Gets There Hustle On & Guess What Their Sellin’!!!

Marc Zuckerberg is gettin’ a little crazy with his side hustles, see what he’s up to now after the jump! Tat Wza

WhatsApp Messenger Free For A Limited Time !!!!

iMessage, BBM, etc. all sent people in their respective ways. What if you wanted to talk to everyone though? Not just people who have the same phone as you? WhatsApp Messenger is your guy! All the great features the other guys have, mixed together in one application without the garbage. They’ve dropped the price temporarily so hit the jump for the download link! Tat Wza

(VIDEO) NFL: Chad Johnson Sends Message To NFL Teams On Why They Should Pick Him Up!

First Take today was bananas!  Chad Johnson joined Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith and it had me glued to the TV.  I’m going to post a couple clips from the interview and give my opinion on it in a little bit, but for now take a look at Chad making his case to NFL teams as to why they should add him to their team. GameTimeGirl

20 Years Since The First Text Message Was Sent Out!

Today marks the 20th year since the first SMS was invented!  Can you believe it has been that long since the first text has been sent out?  So many other forms of communication have taken over our lives that we disregard the SMS, but it has been transforming out way of communication since ’92 ! Just think about how many lusty texts and “I love yous” have been sent out since it’s birth, yes I thank the tech gods for it too. Steph B x  Tat WZA

Governor Cuomo Has A Thanksgiving Message For Us!

While some families are gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving together, other families are still without homes because of Hurricane Sandy. Which brings me to the email Governor Cuomo has sent out asking New Yorkers for a favor…and of course he is wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving!… Click below to find out what he is asking for from us! Mickey

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