How To Use BBM For iOS And Android Exposed, And Will Be Out WHEN?!

Apparently a couple days ago Blackberry accidentally leaked the ‘Manual’ to operate BBM for iOS and Android. Now this manual has since been taken down, but there is at least 1 pic that is still on the web, an Android with the login page on it. There is some key info that you need to see on it because it may change your mind on using BBM, Hit the Jump!!

WHOA!!! BBM Coming To iOS And Android Plus WHAT?!?!

Yup, Looks Like it’s True!!! Personally I think it’s BB letting go of control since they have no burn out there, and this is the beginning of making individual digital properties valuable, so when they begin this fire sale, some bigger company will buy the pieces from them, smart! I can’t front, I used to Love BBM, and when it drops for the Right OS’s, I’ll get it on Both My iPhone And Android!! Hit the Jump!!

Viber Messaging App Is Now Availble For Mac And PC!!!

Viber announced today that its Messaging App is availble for both Mac and Pc users. The company lets users send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users, on any device and network, in any country.

Messaging Apps Are Now More Popular Than SMS

Smartphone messaging apps like iMessage and WhatsApp are growing more popular than the regular SMS texting, according to a new study. Last year 19.1 billion messages were sent and received each day over Blackberry Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, and Nimbuzz.

Samsung Drops In-House Web-Based Messaging App

  iMessage, BBM etc. all have been developed by their creators to give their specific users a unique chatting experience. Wether it be delivered/received receipts or International chat capability, each app has features that separate them from one another. Samsung has officially joined the group with their latest web-based messaging app, ChatOn 2.0! Continue for download link, pics & video… Tat Wza

Facebook Messenger Drops For All Android Users !!!!

Just the other day we mentioned Facebook was looking to break into the messaging community and become a major player. The only thing really holding them back, although they may not want to believe it, not everyone has a Facebook account; even with over a billion users. No longer an issue! Facebook just made a deposit to the Google Play store, hit the jump for details and download link. Tat Wza

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