(Video) Crazy: Meth Lab Found Under Walmart Parking Lot

Ever wonder what was underneath Wal-Mart’s parking lot? Yeah me either! Which is why it truly amazes me that someone got caught with a whole meth lab underneath a Wal-Mart parking lot near Buffalo, New York.

Virginia Mayor Richard Silverthorne Arrested For Exchanging Meth For Sex!

In other news…

Heroin and Meth Addicted Puppy From California Goes to Rehab

This puppy was severely abused with his owner keeping him high off of heroine, meth, and nicotine in a motel in California. The poor pup was probably so confused he didn’t know what was going on, but luckily the Tustin Police Department rescued him, arrested the owner, and got “Bubba” into rehab.

(Photo + Video) A Mother Has Been Arrested After A Picture Of Her Smoking Meth Next To her 6 Month Old Child Was Posted To Facebook

A picture of 28 year-old Ashley Lewis was posted to Facebook of her smoking meth out of a glass pipe next to her six month old baby. The photo was posted to Lewis’s friends Facebook page by an unknown person. Lewis is claiming that the picture is about a month old but that still does not justify her actions. Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

Manhattan Dentist Takes Meth As Payment..Then Gets Charged With Child Pornography

Debit? Credit? or METH?! A Manhattan Dentist is now in trouble after he accepted Meth as a payment from a drug dealer in exchange for dental work! Who would even want dental work from a drug user?

What A Shocker: Three 6 Mafia’s Crunchy Black Is Having A HORRIBLE Time In Jail

A few months back, rapper Crunchy Black from Three 6 Mafia got bagged up by 5-0 for one of the most idiotic acts of crime known to man. When he was accused of trying to score some meth from an undercover cop in Vegas, he told the officer when getting arrested, “Oh damn, I was trying to buy that powder, not meth!” Shortly after, he was sentenced to 7 months in jail for basically being an idiot.

WELP: Three 6 Mafia Member Claims He Wanted Cocaine, Not Meth!

Drug use in the music industry is fairly normal, although it can either make or break an artist. Three 6 Mafia member Crunchy Black was roaming around the streets of Las Vegas on Tuesday morning when he was stopped for walking into an intersection when the “do not cross” light was flashing. The cops shortly after discovered meth on the rapper, along with two warrants he had from previous incidents. When the cops found the drugs on him, Crunchy’s response was absolutely hilarious. “Oh damn. I was trying to buy that powder, not meth,” he tells the police. Needless to say, he was booked for giving a false name and possession. Anddddddd let us not forget that just a few months ago, Crunchy was arrested for allegedly beating the brakes off his girlfriend in a hotel room. He is still a wanted man in Minnesota. Crunchy– GETCHO LIFE! Hotness.com for real.

Holiday Spirit: Police Find Easter Bunny Stuffed With $30K Worth Of Meth

There’s nothing like celebrating Easter with a little meth in your kid’s stuffed bunny. On Friday, Tahlequah City Police in Oklahoma seized an adorable little Easter bunny stuffed with approximately $30K worth of meth. According to the cops, it was one of the oddest drug busts they’ve done thus far. “We’ve intercepted narcotics in the mail before, but the Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch,” Police Chief Nate King revealed. An officer posed as a delivery man to smuggle the package with the meth-bunny to a woman’s home, but the police dogs sniffed it out before it was able to get through. The woman, Carolyn Ross, admitted to knowing about the delivery of the package and is currently being held on a $75,000 bail. What ever happened to some good ol’ Peeps or caramel stuffed chocolate bunnies for Easter? Meth is just taking it way too far, people. WAY TOO FAR! (LOL!)

Albuquerque Police Officer Shoots A Fellow Officer During A Drug Bust

An Albuquerque officer takes down one of his brethren, at times referred to as blue-on-blue, during a $60 meth drug bust – yes, $60. Get the details after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Woman Frees Herself Of Handcuffs, Then Starts Choking A Police Officer!!

42-year-old Jennie Poff was arrested by The Palm Beach Police Department in Florida on drug charges. Wile in booking, she proved it by somehow finding a way out of her handcuffs just before she decided to choke the nearest officer, Victoria Rodriguez’s neck and pulled her to the ground — holding her grip until the other officers Tasered her. Check it out after the jump.

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