(Fellas Check The Pics) In Honor Of Cinco De Mayo, Check Out Some Of The BADDEST Mexican Chicks!

Being that today is Cinco De Mayo, many of us will be celebrating by eating authentic Mexican food and probably taking a bunch of tequila shots. This is one holiday that seems to get misconstrued very easily (although who doesn’t love tacos and Jose Cuervo?) In honor of the special day, peep some of the baddest Mexican females in the gallery!

(Photos) The Internet Goes Crazy With Creative El Chapo Arrest Memes

After the world’s most infamous drug kingpin named “El Chapo” aka Joaquín Guzmán Loera was arrested this weekend after an intensive 10-year search, the internet blew up in no time with some pretty artistic memes. Although El Chapo was responsible for countless brutal murders and was worth over $1 billion dollars in drug money, leave it to these on-line comedics to turn a bad situation into something to laugh about. Check out some of the most creative ones in the gallery.

Mexican Teen Hospitalized After Injecting Flesh Eating Drug Into Genitals?

The first report of the Krokodil flesh eating drug in Jalisco, Mexico has been announced and the way the teen chose to inject the flesh eating drug may just make you anxiously tingle, hit the jump for more!

Chipotle Lovers, There May Be Some Bad News Come 2014!!!

Chipotle Fiends nation wide may have to change the source of their addiction come to 2014, as the food franchise is thinking of making a couple of changes… here’s a hint.. $$$$$ .. we may be saying bye bye to those affordable meals, hit the jump for more detail!

(GRAPHIC PHOTO) Photographer Captures The Moment A Mexican Woman Gave Birth WHERE!??!

The pic pretty much sums it up. 28-year-old Irma López Aurelio rushed to a Mexican clinic after intense contractions woke her up from her sleep. Once she reached the clinic, they had her wait two hours. But, ain’t nobody got time for dat, especially with a child on the way. She gave birth right out front, and a newspaper photographer published a picture of the mother with the baby lying on the grass, umbilical cord still attached. Check it out after the jump.

(Photos) Mexican Cartels Are Using WHO As Hit-Men??!

On top of the ever growing dilemma overseas with the closing of U.S. Embassies, our country is now facing threats from our own backyards. In Mexico, the extremely violent cartels are currently trying to hire military personnel to carry out contracts. Check out how the U.S. plans to combat this.

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