(Photos) Thousands Of Underage Immigrants Are Sent WHERE???

Approximately 13,454 unaccompanied Mexican minors were apprehended by Immigration last year. The problem is that officials are often unable to determine if the minors have made it here on free will, or are the victims of human trafficking so instead of doing the research, they’re blanketed. Hit the jump to see what happened to them.

(*Graphic**Photos*) Mexican Journalist Found Dead In Field!!!

A Mexican crime reporter has been found lying in a field in Southern Mexico next to the body of another person. As of now it is unclear if the death is related to his job. Hit the jump for pics and more grim details.

Mexican Beach Hosts 250 Dead WHAT?!?

Spotted on Tuesday, Mexican beach-goers noticed an outrageously large amount of dead stingrays all across the sand. Extremely unlikely for them to naturally wash ashore, officials believe that they were dumped there. Hit the jump to find out who may have done it.

(Video) Zimmerman’s Videotaped ReEnactment Of Killing Trayvon

So if you didn’t see this, At some point Zimmerman had to show what happened, and MSNBC aired it, on July 2nd, Hit the Jump!

(Photos) Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With These Mexican Celebs!!!

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, E! has composed this list of celebs with Mexican heritage. There are a few on this list that you wouldn’t even know! Check out the stars in the gallery.

(Video) C’MON NOW!! Katt Williams Club Brawl Over Racial Slurs?!?!

Katt Williams has been talked about in every capacity for the past few months ago, almost propelling him back into the type of mega fame he knew just a few years ago. It seems that as the heat died down on Katt’s prolific comedy career and as he started working more on music it has been a downhill spiral for the diminutive comedian. Apparently the brawl outside a Los Angeles club was started when Williams called some guy a Mexican, which led to people taunting Williams with chants of F**king Ni**er and then F**k Obama. The initial chants sparked a physical altercation however before things could get too crazy, Williams who was with manager Suge Knight escaped in a large vehicle. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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