NBA: Wade Makes His Choice To Leave Miami

So Dwayne Wade made his choice! No, he’s not staying with the Heat, and he’s not taking that huge offer from the Nuggets either. Keep reading to find out where he chose to rest his basketballs…

(Video) NBA: Nuggets Offer Wade $50M, But Is He Holding Out For The Cavs?

Yeah, the “heat” is still on for Dwayne Wade to choose a resting place for at least the 2016/17 season. His former team, now that he’s a free agent, The Miami Heat made him a decent offer, but was it good as good as the Nuggets offer?

(Video) NBA: Is 2 Year Contract Offer From Heat Enough For Dwayne Wade?

There has been a lot of speculation and rumors regarding Dwayne Wade and whether or not he’ll remain in Miami or venture out to a more lucrative team. Check out the offer that the Heat put on the table today.

NBA: Report, Dwyane Wade In Talks With Knicks & Bucks After Feeling Disrespected By The Heat

Dwyane Wade might just be using the Knicks & Bucks out of spite but for the first time in a while, it feels like he truly could leave the Miami Heat. Reports have indicated he is currently feeling some disrespect courtesy of Pat Riley and the Heat front office. They offered him $10 million for next season which is a slap in the face considering what other players around the league are getting. Not too mention it would be a $10 million dollar pay cut from last year. The Knicks, Bucks and Bulls are a few of the teams that could benefit from Miami’s slip up.

NBA: Dwayne Wade Open To Free Agency?

Looks like The Heat isn’t meeting D-Wade in a place that works for him. He could be open to the highest bidder by the end of the week.

(Video) NBA: Dwayne Wade Talks Naked ESPN Spread And LeBron’s Win

So this is mostly for the ladies…and maybe some fellas too, I don’t discriminate! Naked D-Wades for EVERYONE!!!

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