(Photo) House Speaker Declares A National Crisis Between Police And Minorities

Republican house Speaker, John Boehner, declared the relationship between police and minorities a national crisis.

Uh Oh: Stop-And-Frisk Ruling Is Going To Be Appealed By Who??

So Mayor Bloomberg and his team are not giving up on this stop and frisk law by any means its looking like. The Mayor has already put in motion the appeal of the ruling that was given a few weeks back that ruled against the law because it singled out minorities. The City of Law filled an appeal early Friday Morning in the U.S. District court in Manhattan. check out what city officials are saying about this appeal process.

(Video) College President Calls Minority Students WHAT??

Hillsdale College is one very unique school. Located in Michigan, Hillsdale is one of the first schools that prohibited discrimination based on race, religion, or even sex. Also, despite not being a military academy, it is one of the few colleges that requires a study of the American constitution. Despite it’s apparent belief that “All men are created equal” the president of the school had some choice words for it’s minority population.

Uhh Oh! Mayor Bloomberg Say’s Minorities Should Be Stopped More ?!?!

We all know that numbers don’t lie, but Ray Kelly and Bloomberg think they do! Hit the jump for the full story.

(Video) No She Didn’t !! Judge Edith Jones Says WHAT About Blacks And Hispanics ?!?!

Civil rights groups filed a complaint this week against a federal judge in Houston after she allegedly said during a lecture that some minorities are prone to violence. Judge Edith Jones, who serves on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and was a Bush-era Supreme Court frontrunner, allegedly made the comment while speaking on the death penalty to The Federalist Society at the University of Pennsylvania in February. Hit the jump to see what ratchet comment she made…..

Oh Really Now?! NYPD Has A New Plan Against Minorities?!?!

The Right People? NYPD has got it all wrong! Hit the jump for the full story!

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