(Video) Suicide Aired On Fox News By Mistake!

An on-air reporter on Fox News was describing a car chase that ended up with a suicide.  The story was on video and was being aired on the channel, although the part where the suspect killed himself was not supposed to be shown, it was.  The channel mistakenly aired the suicide of the man and later had to apologize for it. Hit the jump for the video. Steph B

(Photo) NFL: Whoops! Old Navy Makes Ridiculous Mistake On Houston Texans T-shirts

No, the Houston Texans did not win the 1961 AFC Championship, but that’s what T-shirts produced by clothing chain Old Navy said. Sabrina B.

(Photo) NBA: Whoops! ESPN Called Last Night’s Heat-Celtics Game A Little Too Early

Sabrina B. Despite doing a good job and giving good effort, the Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics 94-90 last night, moving them to the brink of elimination. You know this. We know this. The people behind the NBA on ESPN’s Facebook page certainly know this. Unfortunately for the latter group, though, according to multiple screengrabs, the NBA on ESPN’s Facebook page (briefly) posted something that made it appear they did not know this:

UCLA Sends Admission Letter To 900 Kids On Wait List By Mistake

UCLA has sent out an apology to 900 applicants who got accepted to the university by mistake. Do you realize how happy these kids were but do you know how upset they were to receive the apology e-mail? Click below to find out more. @WiLMajor

Lotus Just Turns A Joke Into A PR Disaster On Facebook

Meant to be a response to media reports about the automaker’s financial problems, management instability, and one mostly harmless joke, it quickly became the ultimate example of how not to engage in public relations on social media. Click below to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

(Photo) Oops! Someone At McDonald’s Is Getting Fired For This!! #PAUSE!!!!

Check out the epic McDonald’s mistake below!!! @DJTech4

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