Looks like someone calmed down and is backtracking finally! Yesterday got pretty crazy between singer Ray J and rapper Fabolous, as the pair had exchanged words the night before in Las Vegas. There were various conflicting reports of what had ACTUALLY happened….the conflicting part mostly coming from Ray who painted quite a vivid picture of a big brawl when he called into a radio station yesterday morning. He said he knocked Fab out, he made some threats, he talked about his pools and cars…you know, the usual. Various eye-witness reports started to leak and most said quite the opposite…not much went down at all. Then Fab called into a radio station last night and said his side…not much happened, Ray pushed him and then was escorted out and that was about it. Seems to go with what every person that had been there said, so guess who looked like a big ol’ liar? 1 wish guess. Ray then took to his Twitter last night to issue an apology. Guess he finally came to his senses! Check out what he had to say below. Marisa Mendez