Tech Talk News: Microsoft Apologizes For Amy Winehouse Tweet!!!

Some May be upset, and some may be ok with the Tweet(know the person that sent this tweet couldn’t have meant anything by it) but either way it seems to caused a stir!! Hit the Jump for the full story! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Device: Laser’s Help Your Guitar Record Music!!!

There is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo about lasers under the strings recording the sound in digital, but to really get the jist of it, hit the Jump for the Video! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Device: Old Music To The New Device!!

You may or may not guess what fits in the slot on this Phonograph aka Record Player, but you don’t have to guess, just hit the Jump to see exactly what goes there! @TatWza

iTunes Is Turning 10, Happy Birthday!!!!

iTunes just hit version 10.0 a few months ago, which is perfect since the App is turning 10 years old, I got you on the cake iTunes, and it may very well be tweaked to play nice with an all new device later this week, which is also revolutionary, speaking of revolutionary hit the details for a video from 10 years ago at Macworld 2001. Also the 1st iPod @TatWza

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