(Video) #JusticeForSandy Mysterious Death Of Woman In Texas Jail Cell Will Be Investigated As A Murder

According to the district attorney, the mysterious death of a woman in a Texas jail cell will now be treated as a murder case. Several questions have been raised surrounding her death which was originally ruled a suicide. Read more below.

(Video) GQ Tells Us How To Catch A Date With Jhene Aiko!

The stunning rebel flower Jhene Aiko has been GQ’s latest feature, and she has spilled the beans on how a guy can get her attention! Watch as Jhene reveals her preference of mystery, and diversity in the clip below!

(Photos) Selena Caught On A Date With ANOTHER Man? & Whoa! These Photos Look Like He’s.. WHAT?!

On-again, off-again, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber might actually be over after this! Selena supposedly can’t forgive Justin after their last break-up, but now she’s seen with a mystery man. Could it have been a date? The 22-year-old was dressed to impress, ravishing in a long red skirt showing a lot of her toned legs. Selena didn’t look like she was missing JB too much, as she had an enjoyable dinner at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood. But who is this man? Could Selena be tired of the young guys?! Her mystery date looked much OLDER and distinguished. Kind of like.. a dad. Wonder who he could be? Maybe she doesn’t want men looking like this? Who knows? Well check the photos of her and her older date below.. Biz Baby

Who’s Setting Cars On Fire in Harlem?

You go outside to your car and someone may have side swipped you. Someone may have even tore off your side mirror, but set you car on fire? Up to 10 cars in Harlem were found by their owners vandalized by flame without any lead of a suspect. Read more below. FunkFlex

Scientists Solved Ancient Mystery Of Easter Island?!

Scientists may have finally solved the mystery of the Easter Island statues. Click below for information. Melissa Nash

877 Dead Dolphins Wash Up On The Shores Of Peru

What on Earth is going on in those Peruvian waters?! Environmental authorities are investigating the deaths of more than 800 dolphins that have washed up on the northern coast of Peru this year. Full story after the jump… Wendy L.

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