(Video) Don King Uses The ‘N’ Word To Introduce Donald Trump

Donald Trump got a pretty awkward introduction at his Cleveland rally on Wednesday. Don King spoke on ‘negros’ and why black people should vote Trump.

2016 Miss Teen USA Winner Often Used The N-Word On Twitter

Everybody is now coming for Miss Teen USA 2016, Karlie Hay, after some old tweets surfaced online. What did the tweets say? Let’s just say if a 15 year-old white girl calling people the N-word isn’t enough proof that racism exists in this country, I don’t know what is.

(Video) SMH! 3 White Girls Drop a Freestyle Using The N-Word

WHY? Just…Why?! Seeing all of this racial tension going on in this country right now and ya mothaf***as really gonna drop some weak, off-beat, offensive-ass rap? Smh, God Bless ‘Murica.

Paul McCartney Defends Kanye West’s Use Of The ‘N’ Word

When Paul McCartney was featured on Kanye’s song “All Day” last year, the masses were surprised that Sir Paul would join a record where Kanye says the ‘N’ word about 40 times. Well now he defends Kanye’s over use of the word and is actually pleased with it in the song.

(Video) Travis Scott Allows White Fan To Say The N-Word

Woah. Yet another rapper encourages his majority white audience, to use the n-word. Travis Scott is currently featured on Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour. During his set last night in Toronto, Travis Scott in his pristine ratchedness, performs “3005” and hands the mic to, of course, the whitest fan in the audience. The rest is history.

(Photos) Oh Hell No: White Phoenix Students Spell Out The “N” Word With Their T-Shirts

Although it’s 2016 racism and insensitive people still exist. Most people who were raised with some sense know right from wrong and it looks like a few students at a Phoenix high school thought it would be cool to spell out the “N” word with their t-shirts and then take pictures in the shirts. These students are in hot water after posting the picture to social media. Check out the idiots after the jump.

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