Say WHAT?! Ex Con Murders Man Over A Napkin?!!

A party in Queens ended up with blood on the dance floor… literally! Read more after the jump…

Man Sues Mcdonalds For $1.5 Mill For What?!

This is ridiculous. A man in California is suing mcdonalds for $1.5 million dollars because they only gave him ONE NAPKIN. The man says he had “Mental Angusih” ever since the incident. People really can sue for anything now a days, I went to Mcdonalds last night and they didn’t give me sauce for my nuggets can I sue for that too?! LOL. (Seriously can I?) This story is crazy, read the rest of the story after the jump.

(VIDEO) Boxing: Fans Think He May Have Cheated! Was Maidana Given A Stimulant DURING Broner Fight?!

Here we go!  There’s a bunch of fans that think Marcos Maidana got his win over Adrien Broner because he cheated.  A video and photo has surfaced that has those fans going crazy.  Was Maidana given a stimulant???  Or was it a clean win??? Strength Coach Alex Ariza had q-tips in his hand, but what was put in that napkin???  Check out the video & details and let us know what you think…

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