(Video) The Nat Turner Conspiracy: Theater Lies To Customers About “Birth Of A Nation” Being Sold Out

Randy Walls a resident of Delaware went to his local Regal Cinema Theater to see “Birth Of A Nation”: The Nat Turner Story. After requesting tickets for the 9:30pm viewing the Regal employee assisting him told him that the movie was “sold out”. Being as it was a Tuesday evening and “barely anyone was in the theater” Walls had his doubts about the Regal staff claims. He decided to walk into the film to see for himself and his gut instinct was right; the movie was not sold out. Was this a deliberate attempt to black ball the movie? Randy Wall thinks so. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

(Video) People Are Not Happy With Nate Parker’s GMA Interview

Nate Parker’s Birth of A Nation is in theaters this Friday, and Nate is currently making his media rounds to promote it. The film is based on the true story of an enslaved preacher by the name of Nat Turner, who ends up creating a violent and historic slave rebellion. The film is heavy and necessary in today’s climate, but it is being overshadowed by a rape case from Nate’s past. In college, the actor was accused of raping a young woman with his friends, and though he was later acquitted, some feel that it wasn’t legit because the acquittal was only based on the fact they’d had consensual sex before the alleged incident. To add insult to injury, the woman committed suicide in 2012.

Gabrielle Union Speaks On Her Own Rape And Joining The Cast Of Nate Parker’s ‘Birth On A Nation’

Nate Parker recently received a slew of backlash from a past rape case that was threw back on the surface. The case had people questioning whether or not they should support him or not which is ridiculous being that he was completely innocent. Gabrielle Union has recently showed a huge amount of support for Parker. She even opened up about her own rape in a recent interview.

Anthony Anderson Says We Should Focus On Nate Parker’s Filmmaking Skills

Anthony Anderson has now spoken out on Nate Parker after an old rape story has been bought back to surface. Anderson who is also a fellow rape accusee says people should focus on Parker’s filmmaking skills rather than a story that he was cleared on.

Nate Parker Writes Open Letter After Hearing The Woman He Was Accused Of Raping In 1999 Committed Suicide

Actor Nate Parker has appeared in many films, but the forthcoming A Birth of a Nation has more eyes on him than ever because of his critically acclaimed performance. Because of this, his life and his past have been picked apart, and a trial for a rape he was accused of in 1999 has come to light. Parker was in college at the time and was accused of raping a young woman with a colleague of his, but was later acquitted after the victim admitted she’d had consensual sex with him prior to the incident. His colleague was found guilty, however, but later appealed his charges and currently has a career in film as well.

(Photo) Nat Turner In a Noosed American Flag, The New Poster For “Birth Of a Nation”

The new poster for “Birth of a Nation” just might cause hella controversy. Actor Nate Parker, who plays Nat Turner in the movie, is showed being hung by an American flag. White people aint gonna like this lol Check out the pic after jump.

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