(Video) NBA: Kobe Praises Michael Jordan & Allen Iverson, Says Tony Allen Gave Him The Most Trouble

As Kobe Bryant’s career winds down in front of our eyes we are likely going to be seeing interviews with him much more than we already have. Everyone wants a piece of the Black Mamba and he appears willing to let people in much more. During an interview with Ernie Johnson last night for Inside The NBA, Kobe spoke on his toughest matchup as an offensive player, what Michael Jordan & Allen Iverson did for the game and more.

(Photo) NBA: Fail! NBA On TNT Thinks For A Second That Rihanna Was In The Crowd, They Were Very Wrong

Not sure who was in charge of the social media accounts for the “NBA On TNT” last night but they might need to get their eyes checked. The account tweeted out a picture of a woman in the crowd at the Cavs/Bucks game with the caption “Rihanna, is that you?!” Now besides the fact she is one of the most famous women in the world and it should be very easy to pick her out, the woman they showed bared no resemblance to RiRi at all! I thought it was a joke at first but it didn’t appear that they were trying to be funny. I also doubt Rihanna would sit anywhere besides courtside at a basketball game. Check the gallery!

(Video) NBA: Quest For a Ring: Cavs Get Biblical in Funny New Commercial

In a cross promotion for the Cleveland Cavaliers and NBA on TNT, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love show their quest for a ring” to “end the cities drought” and win a championship.  Between their attire and Mike Epps cameo at the end, it ends up being pretty funny.  Expect a thousand jokes and memes spawned from the picture above (think of Kobe’s all white getup from the L.A. Times magazine shoot).

(Video) NBA: Grant Hill Gets His Headset Knocked Off By Fan During Bucks/Bulls Game

Grant Hill was just trying to enjoy a snack while calling the Bulls/Bucks playoff game and along came a fan and knocked him upside the head! It was all an accident but it was pretty entertaining when it happened. It damn near knocked Grant’s entire headset off. He didn’t even turn around to see who did it because he probably wanted to punch whoever just knocked into him that hard. Not everything is bad for Grant though as yesterday a group he is part of purchased the Atlanta Hawks for about $850 million. That will help him cool off.

(Video) NBA: LMAO, Shaq Is Way Too Big For This Scooter, Falls Off When He Tries To Turn

The NBA on TNT is seriously one of the more entertaining shows on television, especially from a sports standpoint. Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith & Shaq make up a dynamic team that usually keeps us laughing. Last night was no different as someone forgot to tell Shaq he is too damn big to ride a scooter and when he took a turn too fast all that weight came crashing down to the floor. Pretty damn funny.

(Video) NBA: Someone Stop Him! Charles Barkley Uses Racial Stereotype To Explain Why Analytics Isn’t Real

I’m starting to believe people are setting Charles Barkley up to keep talking about analytics just to hear him do it. It’s obvious Chuck doesn’t get it, and that is totally fine, everyone can have their own opinion on it, but when he talks about it he makes himself sound like a fool and I don’t think he realizes it. Watch what he uses as a comparison when Ernie Johnson asks him. You can even tell Shaq and Kenny are laughing more at him than with him. Can we please stop asking him what he thinks about analytics?

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