(Videos) Lmao: Chris Brown’s Neighbors Are Mad As Hell He Pops Wheelies On His ATV In Their Neighborhood

Seriously people why you always gotta hate for no reason lol…he’s not bothering you…just leave him be!

(Photos+Video) Couple Stabs Neighbor Who Complained To Cops About Loud Sex

It may have been a better decision to turn up the volume on the television instead of turning to the police for help with a sex crazed couple. Police say a Tennessee couple attacked a neighbor who complained to cops about their loud sex.

(Photos) Woman on Drug ‘Flakka’ Jumps Through Window, Slaps Resident

According to a police report, a 17-year-old female was arrested last Saturday morning at 2:30 a.m. after jumping through a window of a resident’s home. It appears the Melbourne Police department have had their hands full as they tackled a growing problem within the community.

Damn, Justin Bieber Had To Pay HOW Much For The Infamous Egging Incident?

A silly prank turned into a federal case for Justin Bieber and his friends at the start of 2014, and almost a full year later, he’s finally put it behind him – but for a price. According to reports, the Biebs has forked over $80k to his neighbor for the infamous egging incident, while also having completed 6 of his mandatory 12 anger management courses thus far. He also has 6 days of community service he has to complete by February 10, and of course that lovely probation that he’s on until 2016. Lesson learned here, kids? Don’t egg peoples’ houses!

Chris Brown’s New Neighbor: “If He Comes Onto My Property, I’ll SHOOT HIM!”

Chris Brown’s gained quite a questionable rep over the past few years and apparently his new neighbors are NOT amused by Breezy’s behavior. The entertainer recently moved into a new mansion in San Fernando Valley on the boarder of Malibu into a town called Agoura. The 6-bedroom home he’s renting is fully equipped with an ice cream bar, dance studio (for the bangers he’ll be throwing,) billiard room, and a tennis court. Oh, let’s not forget that there’s enough space on his property for 75 CARS! However, TMZ caught up with one of CB’s new neighbors and he’s pretty angry at the new addition to the neighborhood. “It can be the devil. I can care less. I don’t care if they’re having orgies. It can even be Saddam Hussein for all I care, as long as he doesn’t trespass onto my property. If he does, I shoot him,” his new neighbor said. WELP…. let’s hope Breezy keeps himself and his house guests on his own property.

UPDATED: (Photo) Lil Za Arrested At Justin Bieber’s Home…But It’s NOT For The Egging!

Everyone knew Lil Za was a bad egg! (Drumroll, please!) After 11 squad cars descended on Justin Bieber’s home this morning with a felony search warrant for the egging of his neighbor’s home, his controversial best friend Lil Za has officially been arrested. However, it’s NOT for the egging: cops found drugs on the upcoming rapper and have hit him with FELONY possession. A new update has just arrived as of 2:45 EST: it’s for COCAINE! Justin Bieber is not involved at all, police confirmed. As far as the egging goes, deputies dismantled Justin’s security system and took it with them, so they will be reviewing the footage to see if they can find anything. We’ll keep you updated!

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