Justin Bieber Required To Sign Waiver For Hotel Stay

Justin Bieber’s wild antics as of late are no secret, and a New Zealand hotel hosting him and his entourage are taking no chances when it comes to what he may do: Langham Hotel in Auckland made JB sign a prohibiting bad behavior prior to his stay! “Justin will be thrown out if doesn’t follow the rules,” an insider revealed. “They don’t care who he is. His management were made to sign a contract, which included a long list of demands, stopping him from partying and disturbing other guests.” Also included in the contract is no female visitors to the hotel, and not eating in the main areas. Though many may feel it would be easier for the Biebs to just find a better hotel, it turns out that it was one of the few in the area that could accommodate his security needs, so they were forced to agree. Let’s see if he can hold up to his end of the bargain!

(Photos) Beyonce Free Falls From Tower In New Zealand & Posts New Blue Ivy Pics!

Sasha Fierce transformed into dare-devil mode and visited New Zealand to free fall off the Auckland Sky, which is 1,076 feet up in the air! She posted some flicks up of her with her trainer, preparing for the HUGE fall. Beyonce also shared some new Baby Blue pics with us… and they’re absolutely ADORABLE! Hit up the gallery and check them out.

(Photos + Video) Whoa, Rihanna Gets A Crazy Tattoo ALL Over Her Hand

This looks like the most painful thing EVER! While in New Zealand recently for her Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna got a traditional “moko” tattoo, which involves pounding at her hand with a hammer-like tool. Ack! Watch the painful process below, and the end result in the gallery.

(Photo) WOW! Mother Left This Little Girl Inside The Car With A Note That Said WHAT?!

Imagine passing by a car, seeing a baby left alone inside with a note on top of her saying, ‘My mum’s in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything.’ Well, it happened in New Zealand! Literally, the little girl was visible through the window, just sleeping as her mother left her there alone. The man who spotted the note after parking with his family next to the car said: ‘We waited there for a little bit, wondering if the mum was just going to be two seconds and come back.’ Then he added, ‘My wife said, I’m not going in without someone being here with the baby.’ Radio DJ Polly Gillespie put the picture of the baby up to Facebook and it attracted nearly 1,500 comments in 24 hours. A Facebook user Cat Marie Horne was so upset saying, ‘I’m sorry this is completely irresponsible! You do not leave children under the age of 14 unsupervised at all. Wow! Can’t believe such a thing could happen. People like this don’t deserve kids! See the picture of the poor little baby below!

Ben Affleck Takes Heat For Artistic Liberties Taken In ‘Argo’

Ben Affleck won big with “Argo” taking home top prizes at the Oscars. Best Picture, Best Adapted Screen Play, and Best Film Editing, but some people aren’t too happy with him. Particularly New Zealanders and Iranians who think that references to their countries involvement in the film were false or unfair. Though the movie has done well in New Zealand, grossing over 1 Million dollars to date, some New Zealanders have taken offense to one quote in reference to their help or lack thereof to save the group of americans in Iran. In the scene a CIA agent is asking his superior what happend to a group of Americans when the US embassy was attacked in Iran, to which his superior replied, “The six of them went out a back exit, Brits turned them away. Kiwis turned them away. Canadians took them in.” Though it has been documented that New Zealanders did indeed help in the situation the movie was written with a dramatic effect. Even the thrilling tarmac chase scene at the end is a jazzed up version of the actual events, and the Iranians are upset at their depiction in the film. It is however important that we remember, though this is based on a true story, it is still cinema and should be judged only as such. It is not a literal account of events, but a Multi Million dollar grossing movie, and it wasn’t the only one of 2012’s biggest movies that used artistic liberties…

Wow…Shark Attack TV Director Killed By Great White

Award-winning TV and film director Adam Strange passed away at the age of 46 in New Zealand today, after he was the victim of an attack by a Great White. The irony of it all was he wasn’t even filming for one of his films, he was simply enjoying a swim at a popular beach when the shark pulled him under. Then at least 3 other sharks were drawn to the attack. Cops came by boats and helicopters, shooting at least 20 shots at the sharks, and though one was killed, it was still too late. Adam leaves behind a wife and small child. So sad. Rest in peace!

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