‘Pregnant’ Woman Tries to Sneak 34,000 Pills Into U.S.

This lady basically asked to be questioned…If you can’t tell authorities where your going and have an exact plan when you know your doing something illegal you deserve to be arrested! SMH at this lady! @Ash_Bankz

Happy Women’s History Month!!!

March marks the celebrations of Women’s History. Like all other celebrations Women’s History was not always recognized in the U.S. Here is a brief history of women’s history and its start. @Ash_Bankz

Minister Farrakhan Calls Out Rihanna!!???

Rihanna stays in the news!!!! Whether it’s good or bad her name is ALWAYS coming out of someone’s mouth! This weekend during a speech in Illinois, Controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan, called out RiRi and called her music “filthy” and even went as far as to refer to it as “swine”!!! Of course Ri took to her twitter as usual!!!! LOL. @Ash_Bankz

Students Expelled for After-School ‘Fight Club’

Whether they had a fight in school or out of school 9 sixth grade boys were expelled from school for running an after school “fight club”!!!!!! I didn’t know you could still get in trouble in school when it was clearly after school hours. @Ash_Bankz

Rutgers University To Allow Gay Students To Choose Roommates

After the tragic incident of a gay student committing suicide due to hate crimes, Rutgers has decided to make accommodations for their Gay student population assure that they are comfortable living in the dorms of Rutgers. Is this something that all universities should institute??? Hit the jump to read more on Rutgers plan to accommodate its gay students and tell IFWT should all colleges start to use this plan. @Ash_Bankz

Kim Kardashian’s Song To Be Released!!!!!

Kim Kardashian took to her blog today and shared with fans that today was her last day in the studio working with The-Dream… Kimmie also unveiled that the song debuts this Sunday on Kourtney and Kim Take New York and will be available on iTunes. Can’t wait to hear this song remember that snippet IFWT gave before you listen to that here. @Ash_Bankz

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