(18+ Video) Getting ‘Top’ And Pulling Prostitute In GTAV As 1st Person

Whoa, the incredible visuals in the next-gen version dropped yesterday, and already they have 1st Person Of Pulling Prostitute In GTAV!!!

(Video) A Look At Rockstar’s Next-Gen For GTAV [Trailer]

This game just got a 1000 X’s better! GTAV on the PS4 and Xbox One will look like no other GTA in History, very exciting!!

Next-Gen Amazon Kindle Specs Leak…Watch Out iPad And Nexus 7!!

Google recently released the next generation of their Nexus 7 and everyone is waiting on Apple to update both the regular size iPad and the iPad Mini. In all of the news surrounding both companies lately, Amazon’s tablet offerings have been slept on…but not for long. Click through the jump for the details on the upcoming Kindle Fire tablets, which should be blazing fast.

You Be The Critic: Hmmm, So Far Which Is Better?!?!

So far Both Next Gen Gaming systems have had a Reveal, ButSony really only revealed the Controller to PS4, and Microsoft has fully shown us the New Xbox One…I def think Microsoft just Blew it away, but up until now people have been shouting PS4 louder….What do you have to say now?!??

Auto Talk: Cadillac spotted testing bigger next-gen CTS

There’s an old newspaper adage that dictates: “Dog bites man” is not news. “Man bites dog,” now that’s news. In other words, the subversion of the usual order of things is what sells papers. And you might say the same about Cadillac. A Caddy getting bigger, by that logic, is hardly news, but a Caddy getting smaller sure is. Funk Flex

Tech Talk Rumor Is: The Next iPhone Will Be…….

There are a lot of rumors starting to be re-speculated, Since the 5 was supposed drop last fall, and Now with june coming up on us, and that being a traditional month of when iPhones are announced, people are getting giddy with excitement, Mock up’s floating around, and All kinds of ‘What should be in the 5’ articles being posted….I love this time of the year!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

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