Sofia Vergara’s Ex Claims She Is Abusive But He Still Wants Kids With Her!

It’s rare we hear of women being abusive to their male lovers but when it comes to feisty Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, anything goes! Her ex-fiancee Nick Loeb is filing a lawsuit against the “Modern Family” star that she is physically abusive, claiming she punched him in the face, kicked him and threw her phone at his head on four different occasions. However, there’s a twist to this story. Back in November of 2013, the couple made a contract when they were still good to freeze her eggs via vitro fertilization and planned to have kids no matter what, regardless if they are a couple or not. Since the two are not on good terms anymore, Sofia wants to destroy the eggs but Loeb is suing her because he does not agree to doing so. In fact, he still wants kids with Vergara and refuses to let it go without a fight! If he is claiming she’s so abusive, why the hell would anyone want a child with someone like that? Oh wait, it IS Sofia Vergara and she is pretty much amazing. Looks like the Colombiana goddess has him hooked! Do you think he still has the right to her eggs regardless if they are no longer an item? Drop your comments below and let us know what you think about this very odd situation.

(Photos) Spilt Tea: WHY Did Sofia Vergara Break Up With Fiance?

Last week, news hit the media that Sofia Vergara broke up with her long time fiance, Nick Loeb. A source has revealed that the actress was fed up with Loeb, stemming back from an incident at the White House! To find out what caused the break up, click below.

Single Again: Sofía Vergara and Fiancé Nick Loeb Have Split!

Sofia Vergara and fiancé Nick Loeb have called it quits. To get a jump on the media, The Modern Family actress announced the split with a screenshot of a note on her Who Say account.

(Photo) Sofia Vergara’s Fiance Gets Booted Out Of Night Club For What !?!?

It seems as though Sofia Vergara’s fiance, Nick Loeb has somewhat of a temper. For New Year’s Eve the couple went out to enjoy themselves at a hot spot in Miami and things didn’t really go as planned. A fellow party-goer spilled his drink on Vergara and then Loeb had to express his feelings (for a lack of a better pharse) to the guy. The situation really got hot and heavy when Vergara agreed to take a picture with this dude. The party couple then began to argue with each other. Can we say, too much in your cup? I hope that they ended the night right then and there. Tuesday evening things looked as if all was back to normal when Vergara posted a pic of her mother and fiance to her twitter account. Thank you love gods. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

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