Russell Simmons Deletes “F**k…The Police” Tweet To Replace It

The deaths of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, by the hands of Ismaaiyl Brinsley has caused a major stir. The politics are at an all-time high and everyone from the citizens, to the police, The Game and now, Russell Simmons have spoken out against its officials. Simmons, who has been an active representative among the #ICantBreathe movement, felt the need to post an aggressive tweet on the New York Post and police union’s “propaganda.” In other words, they are all working together. Check out the jump for more.

(Video) High School Student Mohammed Islam Story Is A Lie

Recently New York Magazine ran that story about a high school student who made $72 million by trading stocks.. Well… New York Magazine f**ked up and f**ked up bad. The million dollar kid everyone has been raving about ,is 17 year old Mohammed Islam, and he has already came out and admitted he made the whole story up. The Mohammed Islam Story Is A Lie and His net worth wasn’t just “a bit blown out of proportion”, it was completely fabricated.

Sports: New York Post Writer Goes At ESPN & 50 Cent

Oh lawd. Really?!  Some people just don’t like the hip hop culture and will find any way to bash it. SMH.  I saw this story a couple days ago and wasn’t even going to post it, but I figured why not show this guys’ ignorance. New York Post Writer, Phil Mushnick, went at ESPN for choosing 50 Cent to open the NFL draft last week. I know some people will disagree with me and you have every right to, but I just think that cultures coming together isn’t a bad thing.  A person’s past is just that…the past.  oh and yea, this is coming from the same guy that had a problem with Hov’s involvement with the Nets. Check out what Mushnick had to say & weigh in…

The NY Post Says Instagram Losing Accounts and Shows Proof

  Last week Friday the NY Post wrote an article about Instagram on how its users are flee the company and deleting their accounts in doves.  The NY Post says since they announced the privacy changes and reverted back to the old polices that accounts have dipped since and they have facts to backup their claims with App Data, Apps Data keeps track of  Facebook, iPhone and Android app to see how popular the app is.  The post says from the data from App Data Instagram lost 4 million accounts during the week of  the  new Terms of Service.  After the break check out the stat claims by App Data and The NY Post. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

(New Photo) MLB: Derek Jeter Responds To ‘Fat’ Photos

Last week the NY Post made fun of Jeter calling him ‘Derek Eater’ and shared a few of pics of the captain looking a lil on the heavy side (check it out here).  He def. did look like he gained some weight, but apparently it was just the angle of the pics and he has NOT gained that weight. Yesterday Jeter went on with ESPN radio and responded to the Post’s headline. GameTimeGirl

(PHOTO) NFL: Lol, Damn! NY Post Goes In On Tony Romo & The Cowboys

Gotta love the NY Post.  Yesterday the cover of the Post clowned the Jets and today they’re going after the Cowboys.  You know I’m loving this! #GMEN Check it out: Sabrina B.

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