(Video) 9 Dead And 25 Missing After Oakland Warehouse Party Fire

Friday night, a fire broke out at a Oakland Warehouse party. The warehouse was actually investigated by police for complaints of blight and illegal internal structures. It was converted into a place where they held art exhibits and parties. The number of people who have died in the fire is now the deadliest fire in Oakland’s recent history has risen to 33.

Oakland Is Going To Start Giving Reparations To Their Residents Who Have Marijuana Convictions

Weed is legal in Oakland now, but it wasn’t always, and there are many residents who have charges due to the popular (and harmless) drug. Back in May, Oakland City Council began plans to help boost their legal medical cannabis industry, which is projected to grow into a $40 billion industry in the U.S. by 2020. One of the proposals was that people who have been locked up for a weed-related charge – who are currently ineligible to have a legal license to sell weed because of their felonies – would not only be eligible, but moved to the TOP of the eligibility list as well. AKA, they’d be made a priority to approve first, as reparations for their previous charges.

Mistah F.A.B. Will Battle Charlie Clips In Oakland

Mistah F.A.B. will be returning to the battle rap scene for the first time in a long while, going head to head with one of the hottest battle rappers out right now, Harlem’s Charlie Clips. The event goes down October 30 in FAB’s hometown of Oakland, and will also feature Tsu Surf, T-Rex, Arsonal and more. “I’m a super fan of Clips. The guy is crazy,” FAB said. “He makes his talents come out so dope without being extra. … Clips and I are both extensive freestylers with the carefree attitude … I’m excited about that too and I think it’s a dope way to display the talent.” More info below!

(Video) Protestors Take Over The I-880 In Oakland

During a peaceful protest, thousands of people took over the I-880 in Oakland last night. This is the way it should be done.

(Video) Woman Says She Has Sex With Over A Dozen Oakland Police Officers

In a recent video, a woman by the name of Celeste Guap claims that she had sex with over a dozen Oakland police officers. Guap also tells reporter Da Lin that she also had sex with a few officers when she was underaged.

‘Tupac Shakur Day’ Declared In Oakland

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has issued a proclamation that proclaims today, June 16, as Tupac Shakur Day. The date was chosen because June 16 is Pac’s birthday. His contributions to the community were cited as the reason, while noting that though he wasn’t from Oakland, he considered the city his home.

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