(Video) Power Moves: Young Thug’s YSL Record Label Gets Its Own Office At 300!

It looks like Thugger Thugger has some big moves in the works for this upcoming year! The rap-superstar’s YSL Record Label landed its own office at the 300 Entertainment building. He was spotted on Snapchat showing off his proud new work space gifted to him by Lyor Cohen – who seemed equally as happy to have him there.

(Video) Bernie Sanders Speaks Out On Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Bernie Sanders has now spoken out on his Hillary Clinton endorsement. He states it is imperative that we do not let Donald Trump get into office.

President Obama Trying To Close Guantanomo Bay Before He Leaves Office

The President of the Unites States still vows to keep his promise in closing Guantanamo Bay before he’s done as president. Read the full story after the jump.

(Video) Man Escapes Cops In Probation Office

Man Escapes Cops In Probation Office. This has got to be a first because I’ve never seen anything like this before. Two cops wrestling with a man who eventually escaped BOTH of their grasp, check out the video after the jump!

Well Damn! A ‘Smart Cushion’ That Can Tell You What?

Talk about the movement to an all “smart” universe(Finally you can say ‘Smart A**’ and mean it?), the Darma Smart Cushion was introduced yesterday….and now you get your heart rate through your A** 0_0

(Video) Soulja Boy Got Kicked Of The Plane Because Of WHAT?!

So Soulja was kicked off a plane for not seating…Apparently a statement was issued and a reason was given? Hit the Jump, see if you can make Heads or tails out of it.

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