NBA: Andrew Bogut Says the NBA is ‘Two-Faced’ & Thunder ‘Exposed’ the Warriors in the Playoffs

After Kevin Durant chose the Golden State Warriors in free agency, they had to trade Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes to the Dallas Mavericks because of the salary cap.  Ahead of the Warriors 116-95 win over the Mavericks on Wednesday, Bogut spoke about his old team.  Bogut said he was disappointed about the trade, but he understood why it had to happen.  He also had some candid words when asked about the organization questioning his durability after a Game 5 knee injury in the Finals ended his postseason & the many other injuries he’s had.  Bogut also talked about the Thunder who had a 3-1 lead over the Warriors before shockingly losing the Western Conference Finals.

(Photo) NBA: Russell Westbrook Used IG to Call Kevin Durant Soft as a Cupcake

I still remember July 4th when Kevin Durant posted the first-person article on The Player’s Tribune announcing that he was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors.  I remember checking Russell Westbrook’s social media to see if the outspoken guard said anything about losing his partner in crime.   I also remember seeing the picture of the cupcakes he posted, thinking it was his way of showing he’s unbothered.  Well, it turns out I was wrong.

NBA: Kevin Durant on Why He Left Thunder, Them Breaking His Heart & Not Being With Him Anymore

Since July 4, 2016, the day Kevin Durant declared his independence from the Oklahoma City Thunder, we’ve read and heard various reports about why he chose the Warriors, how Russell Westbrook factored into the decision, and even derogatory remarks about Durant’s personality.  Durant officially went from one of the nicest, most loved stars, to a villain in the league.  In a cover story for Rolling Stone, Durant delved into his childhood, his experiences and gave the most in depth look into a decision that changed the face of the NBA.

NBA: Russell Westbrook Talks About His Contract Extension & Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook is the cover boy for the November issue of GQ Magazine and yes he was asked about Kevin Durant for the millionth time.  Durant left the OKC Thunder in free agency to sign with the Golden State Warriors, leaving Westbrook as the franchise player, which many people figured he wanted all along.

(Video) NBA: Russell Westbrook Gettin It In!!

If you watch his games, you knew that Westbrook likes to cut a lil rug every now and again on the basketball court. What did you expect on the dance floor; in the dark?

NBA: Serge Ibaka Talks About Being Traded to Orlando Magic & Kevin Durant Leaving Thunder

In an article for Sports Illustrated, Serge Ibaka wrote about his crazy summer.  There were rumors that he was going to be traded, but he ignored them.  He later found out that he was indeed traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Orlando Magic.  He says he never asked to be traded and will miss the Thunder but he’s also excited to get on the court with his new team.

NBA Report: Russell Westbrook Agrees to 3-Year Contract With OKC Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder no longer have to sweat because Russell Westbrook has reportedly agreed to a contract extension.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Discusses If Russell Westbrook Had Anything to Do With Him Leaving

As I’ve said in previous posts, with Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder, all eyes turned to Russell Westbrook.  Everyone wondered how Westbrook felt about the situation, if he had any prior knowledge, if he told Durant he was going to leave OKC and more.  Durant’s introductory presser with the Warriors didn’t reveal much, but he did an interview following his practice with Team USA for the Olympics.

NBA Report: Russell Westbrook Was ‘Ticked Off’ Kevin Durant Left & Is Ready to Lead OKC

Since the departure of Kevin Durant to the Oklahoma City Thunder, eyes have turned to Russell Westbrook and his future.  Westbrook will become a free agent next year and the Thunder are faced with the task of what to do.  They don’t know if Westbrook wants to stay but can’t risk letting him walk away with nothing in return like they did with Durant.  But there are murmurs that he does want to stay in OKC, at least for now.

NBA Report: OKC Thunder Considering Trading Russell Westbrook

As I said before, the departure of Kevin Durant means some major shakeups in the NBA.  Russell Westbrook will be a free agent next year and the Oklahoma City Thunder have some big decisions to make.  If they can’t get Westbrook to sign an extension, they may ship him out to recoup something before he leaves on his own.

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